Friday, June 01, 2007

Our names

Pippa posted a link to a website that has descriptions of what your dog's name tells you about the dog. Or something. I was curious so I thought I'd look up my name. Here's what it said:

Wally falls into the 'One' group of dog names. The natural show-offs of the dog world, your 'One' will love to live in the limelight. 'One'dog names love to be the center of attention as well as running the show. This can lead to the problem with 'One' dog names trying to not only boss around the rest of your pets, but you as well! Simply let them know who's really boss in a gentle manner and they'll happily go back to hamming it up for you! If that sounds like what you're interested in, Wally might be a good dog name for you to choose.

Who ME, bossy??? Show-off?

When it comes to personality expressions, Wally falls into the 'Nine' group of dog names. Dogs and people see your dog Wally as being flexible and intuitive. To the observer, 'Nine' dog names seem to have the intuition to know exactly what sort of behavior and attitude is appropriate or needed for whatever situation they're in

Like how I'm a total sweetheart at the vet or perfectly behaved in obedience class but all hell breaks loose at home? Like the time I bit my gramps WHILE he was giving me snacks?

The positive side of a 'One' dog name like Wally manifests itself in ambition, honesty, and loyalty to pack members. They are fair in their decisions and loyal pack mates to the end. The negative side may manifest itself in impatience or the need to totally dominate the family and any other pets in the household.

I want to totally dominate my house? No, I want to totally dominate the WORLD!

ETA: Here's the link for the name site.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wally's New Stuff, pt 2

Yes, more new stuff for ME! The delivery men RUDELY burst into my house causing me to bark maniacally but at least they brought THIS.

Look! Under "freezer" I think it says "corgador" including in French. Does this mean Sophie Brador is coming to visit with her cosmopolitan bilingual ways? Good thing I have a freezer box to keep the petit fours in!

Here I am posing with my new freezer box. It looks bigger next to me. I am very serious about my new freezing machine, as you can see.

Here is what we KEEP in the freezer machine. Tasty meaty bones!

In the next episode: the new veggie killer!

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Just Allergies

My ear problem is NO BIG DEAL (except to the pocketbook the ma ape says. But what is she going to spend money on--herself? Ha!). I have a few yeastie beasties. And it's probably allergies. So here are some things I am allergic to:

1) stinky sisters!
2) summertime television of reruns and filler reality shows
3) goddamn cats!
4) invading another country without an exit strategy
5) the hunger
6) the heat

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Empathizing the Wally Way

Everyone knows my feelings about Sa-man-tha, my short-legged, zaftig little firebrand over with the Brat Pack. Now, they've had a spate of health problems at their house, leading to them, in all likelihood, having part ownership of their vet clinic. I decided to show my solidarity with them by developing my own health issue necessitating a visit to my resident vet! I considered:

1) Having a pancreas problem like my love Sam, but what if she needs mine?
2) Developing heartworms like ole Bear. But Samantha has joint ownership of my heart and so I can't put it out of commission.
3) (Probably) tangling with wildlife (as I am wont to do) like Tucker and needing stitches. But my face is my moneymaker.
4) Having seizures like poor Thrawn but one of my apes has those and it freaks my ma ape out a little too much.

So I have settled on

5) Ear infection like Dot!

Ok, it doesn't look so bad (especially with some LOUSY photography) but I sure am being a drama queen about it! Maybe I will see Sa-man-tha at the vet!

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Joyeux Anniversaire Pour Chien!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Happy Burpday to my good pal Miss Sophie La Brador! She is 8 years young today and remains a dashing figure on the international scene.

May your day be filled with tasty snacks, tennis balls, and Newfie Bottoms. (That last one might be for me).

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sending Good Vibes to Sam

I read over at the Five Happy Hounds that my girl Samantha is very sick and had to go to the vet last night and today. She has something wrong with her pancreas. I'm very very worried about her (and her poor mum).

Get well soon Samantha! You can share my pancreas if you need it!

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Oh Barf (and not the good kind!)*

Some British dude ate CORGI MEATBALLS in protest of Prince Phillip's fox hunting habit. Here's a story about it.

Mixing animal rights activism and the Royals can be a tricky business. But that's what a British performance artist tried to do when he ate part of a Corgi, one of the royal household's favourite animals.
He choose one of those little dogs the Queen drags behind her every time she cuts a ribbon at a gallery or corner shop to demonstrate against the RSPCA's failure to prosecute her husband. “I’m raising awareness at the inability of the RSPCA to prosecute Prince Philip and his friends for shooting a fox this year. It was left to fight for life for five minutes then beaten to death.”

Here's another story, should you have a taste (no pun intended) for the macabre. And I'm not one to defend the royals (especially stupid Phillip), or fox hunting, but this is pure jackassery. And the story says that the corgi was not killed for him to eat but did die on a "breeding farm." WHAT?

Now, I feel the need to interject on behalf of my ma ape. She doesn't eat the manimals, either. But she DOES understand the difference between doing something meaningful on behalf of manimals and engaging in stupid, attention-grabbing stunts that have more to do with the naked apes' insatiable need for attention than they have to do with animals. That goes double for you PETA, and your stupid exploitation of women.

*Good barf=Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, barfing after a nice after-dinner snack of grass, barfing on my sissy as a funny joke.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My New Stuff (part 1)

Look! Here are some new things for Wally. These are both Apples. One is for eating and one is for blogging. (I sometimes get confused but I know right away once I get my mouth around it.) I am just learning how to use the new Apple so be patient. It's hard with chubby paws!

Here I am getting some eating Apple. I love eating Apple.

I must chew vigorously to show the New Apple who is charge and what will happen to New Apple if it does not cooperate with the Wally.

I do a little crazy face, just so New Apple knows what he's dealing with.

Later I will show you my new freezing machine which, I am told, I cannot put my sissy in because it is NOT A CRATE. I am told that I can put my FORTY-TWO NEW CHICKEN BACKS in the freezer. Yes--42! My friends are going on vacation and gave them to me. I offered to keep them in my belly but I am told they will go into the FREEZING BOX. But not with my sissy.

So many things to remember:
1) DO NOT eat the New Apple.
2) DO NOT put sissy in the freezer.
3) DO NOT eat 42 chicken backs in one sitting.
4) DO NOT barf up the Old Apple on the New Apple.
5) DO NOT eat 42 chicken back while blogging.
6) DO NOT barf on sissy (unless she's sleeping.)

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Heat Wave!

It's too hot for dogs in fur coats! But there are new things in our house. An "Apple" but one my ma ape says I cannot eat. We will have to see about that. And also a freezer for US. My ma ape says we will put our meat in it. I think I might want to live in this freezer. It's cold, there's meat, what more does a dog need?

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