Saturday, March 14, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Wally Week Edition!)

It is Wally Week so I am going to host my OWN SPCA Saturday. And boy do I have some news to share! No, I don't have a new sib (yet) but my bud ROSCOE P. NEO is OUTTIE! Oh yes, he has a home! With two Saint Bernard sibbies! Way to go Roscoe!

Now, before you all rush out to the SPCA I am NOT available for adoption. And it is really not fair to appear in the SPCA Saturday because, you know, everyone will want me. But here are some dogs who are not quite as awesome but still pretty awesome.

This is Rudy who is a totally shy guy but my ma ape thinks he's handsome. I roll my eyes.

This dude is Tyson, a lover and a fighter (ie, he isn't fond of other dogs. Peeps, on the other hand, he does love.) All ears came away from the encounter unbitten.

This is Claire, a wee pitty girl with lovely green eyes. She's very shy but nice.

Would anyone like this dog? He is a few cards short of a full deck and, as you can see, he pees like a girl (often on his own leg). His name is Oscar Bean , er, Roscar Lean, Annoying Teen. Free to good home.

This sassy frassy is Tootie (no word on how she got that name). She is full of piss n' vinegar and even offered to take on a St. Bernard while she was there. (Literally).

And now two beans who got adopterated RIGHT AFTER having their pictures struck. This is Scuffles. Who does not get in scuffles and is a nice dude.

And MASON who went to a new home and I'm so glad cuz my ma ape was enamored of him. Paws off, Mason!

And here are a couple of oldies but goodies! BEAST T. BEEFCAKE!

Here is Beast apparently dislocating his shoulder. How is that physically possible??? He got to meet Rudy and Claire (below) but he was a little overwhelming for them so their playdates were short. Beast, you gotta buy 'em dinner before you hump 'em, dude. Mind your Ps n' Qs!

And this dude is MOSES who was a little under the weather but got out. I'm a bit worried because he makes my ma ape all weak in the knees giving hugs and kisses. Uh, Moses, didn't you give us that commandment--THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY CORGADOR'S MA APE!!??

And here's a shot for Roscoe P. Neo--I wish you nothin' but the best, bud!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get down get down!

This is Wally Week so please ignore the she-nanigans and he-nanigans in the background. I have an important announcement to make. Move in a little closer.

That's better.

It's time to pawty!

The Brat Pack is hosting a pawty for Best Friends! Ha-rooooooo! I'm so excited but my ma ape says that I have to take it easy for the next week because today I got too excited barking that I passed out again! So no woozy Wallys! That means SHUT IT, peppy sheppys! I've gotta get my re-lax on so I can get my par-tay on! (Why am I talking like Michael Steele? I don't know!) My ticker needs to get some down time so I can get ready for it to RACE with my lovely lady Sam.


See y'all next Friday!!!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The naked ape days are numbered!

This is a pho-to of a worried corgador.

As some of you may know, I have long had a plan to bring an end to naked ape hegemony and replace it with the benevolent dictatorship of dogs. A key part of my plan is the recruitment of hairy apes but it appears one of our allies is making our plans a bit obvious. Mother Jones reports:

Chimps have long been known to stockpile food, but a 30-year-old chimp named Santino is making news because he does far more: he finds stones in his Swedish zoo home, smashes them into throwable size, and then stores them in caches that face the viewing area on the edge of his enclosure. When tourists show up, he lets fly, throwing up to 20 rocks in rapid succession and sometimes hitting visitors standing 30 feet away across a water-filled moat. When no rocks are available for his villainy, Santino hacks chunks of concrete off the artificial boulders in his pen and assaults humans using those.

Be patient, Santino! And while you are learning to make weapons I have been dilligently learning to use tools. So far I have mastered the TiVo:

Thanks to my Onkel Eric for sending me the link and, I'm sure, warmly welcoming his hairy overlords.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Wally week!

We need to have a talk.
My blog has slowly been taken over by other dogs who are glomming onto my fame, good fortune, and astoundingly good looks. It is time to get back to basics. My good pal MJ had a small but simple request--we need ALL WALLY ALL THE TIME to make up for all these interlopers--THAT MEANS YOU PEPPY SHEPPYS! And what MJ wants, MJ gets!

So, first, some items of business. A couple of weeks ago me n' my sibs competed in MANGOMINSTER, the GREATEST DOG SHOW ON EARTH and it was too much fun! And while the peppy sheppys were an embarrassment to our family, I was lucky enough to win the People's Choice Herding group!

And last week in the mail I got my booty for winning! Look at my medal! I am overwhelmed with emotion:

But not so overwhelmed that I cannot eat the deeeeeeeeeeelicious mumpkin snacks Mango sent with the medal. THANKS MANGO MAN! I will be showing you more of my medal because it looks so good I'm gonna wear it all the time.

And now this award-winning dog has some business to do. I know the economy is bad and my ma ape wants a house of her own so I've decided it is time for me to buckle down and get a job.
So I've been reading the classifieds looking for the right job.

I think I've found it!

Meats! My speciality (unless there are Wallymelon Herders--do you think?) I will need to do some practice before my interview.

My ma ape believes that my generalized lack of teeth may be a problem but I believe my extensive experience will help. I will keep you update. On me. NOT on interlopers!

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