Saturday, November 27, 2010

Football weekend!

After our smashing success with Thanksgiving dinner...

...we followed it up with a HUSKER WIN! No, a Husker DRUBBING of the Buffalos. 45-17 baby! It's enough to make a Potus roach with joy!

And this Sunday the ROUGHRIDERS are playing in the Grey Cup which would make the Saskatoonians the chompions of Canada! Me n' my gal Sophie are huge Rider fans. Mmmmhmmm.

I love them because they wear wallymelons on their heads! I will start hollowing out the wallymelons NOW! It's gonna take a big melon to fit on my melon.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Last Annual Buffalo Hunt!

We are ready for some FOOTBALL. Today is a most exciting day as the Nebraska Cornhuskers will be hunting (Colorado) Buffalo one last time! Since our teams are both going to different con-fur-ences next year there will be no more Ralphie snacking. Ah well! We are most nervous for this game since if the Huskers win they will go to their con-fur-ence chompionship! If they lose...let's not talk about it!

We are also nervous because the Cornhuskers lost last week after getting 40 gajillion penalties called on them (many of them questionable) and this is what our coach turned into. Scary, huh? BO SMASH!

So we are getting ready by playing a little footie in our backyard. Ethel is the only one who ever gets the ball but the rest of us run around aimlessly and occasionally fall down. Like real football!

And we are practicing our wrap-up tackles! (Throw a flag on OBST! Illegal use of girth!)

Otis is on the lookout for shady referees! (He's undercover in his ref-ing stripes!)

And Edgrr might have been doing a little too much pre-gaming.*

We wrote a song for the occasion of Nebraska's last regular season game as a member of the Big 12!

To be sung to the tune of Home on the Range

Oh yes give us a home
Where no Buffalo roam
Where some Badgers and Buckeyes do play
Where there seldom are heard Tigers or Jayhawk birds
And the sun never shines on Longhorns

Home home is Big Ten!
Where the Huskers and Hawkeyes will play!
Where there seldom are heard Booming Sooners Boo Hoos
And the sun never shines on Longhorns!

*No corgis were intoxicated in the making of this post.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Story of the First Thanksgiving

This is the first thanksgiving. Our first thanksgiving without Wally, who was a big fan of the pawliday. (Read about it here). And our first thanksgiving with two newcomers in a new land, Otis and Edgrr. We thought we would share with you the story of The First Thanksgiving.

Oscar and Ethel had lived in the New World for a long time (like decades in dog years!) and they welcomed newcomers, even these new arrivals with their strange was and most unusual colors. But these newcomers were ALWAYS hungry and needed many foodables to sustain themselves. And so a feast was prepared to welcome them to their new world!

Quails! With pumpkins, green beans, and sweet potatoes, the bounty representative of our native foodables, grown (bought) in the native soil (Trader Joe's).

And a bounty for all the dogs! Even the lil' ones who had a hard time with their birds.

Now let's give some thanks!

Ethel gives thanks for tennis balls, girls nights out, meatables, for being a girl, and for closets to hide from her brudders.

OBST gives thanks for being a perpetual teen queen, for brudders who let him put them in his mouths, for foodables of all sorts, for ma apes to cling to, and for patient apes.

Otis gives thanks for snuggle balls, foodables of all sorts, for wallymelons, for the SPCA, for naps, for giant heads and the apes who cannot resist them.

Edgrr gives thanks for toetoes to bite, for granNEs who love corgis, for brudders to annoy, for all kinds of foodables, and a yard to do zoomies in.

Happy thanksgiving! Don't forget to give your shout outs!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dogs: The Ensmarteration!

This is part three in a never ending series in which we taunt Gramsci Cat!

Well, smarty farty cat, guess what SCIENCE says! Dogs are SMARTERER than CATS! Read it HERE! Our brains have evolved at a super fast rate because we are social animals: "This suggests the co-operation and co-ordination needed for group living can be challenging and over time some mammals have evolved larger brains to be able to cope with the demands of socialising.” Look at us engaging in brain growing activities here!

You can practically SEE our brains growing here!

See, here is Mr. Science saying some things about our enbiggened brains!

Dr Shultz added: “All dogs are quite good at solving problems, which gives credence to the traditional image of the cunning fox which is a member of the same family. Dogs descended from wolves which appear to have the biggest brains as they live in large family groups.”
Look at Edgrr, the cunning fox! Kicking ass, taking names, solving problems!

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