Friday, May 14, 2010

Hi Peeps!

Our ma ape has been back for a WHOLE WEEK and has not helped us blog because she is busy which in naked ape language means LAZY. We were super good while she was gone and got visits every day from our bestie from Tracing Lucky Skies (bestie ape, anyway.) That was the most fun ever but then our buzzkill ape came back. She has been planting, planting planting in the yard and trying to do "work" so she can go back to Nebraska to see Gramps. We're pretty sure that what Gramps and GranNE nees is a little visit from us but the ma ape doesn't seem to agree. We will try to take some new pictures including Otis's new grill, ma ape's garden (now with Wallymelons!), cornish hens for breakfast!, Ethel's burpday!, and much much more!

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