Saturday, March 12, 2011

Edgrr's Big Day

I didn't want to steal the big man's burpday thunder this week but the truth is I had a big traveling adventure of my own!  It was the greatest day ever!  Maybe even better than when I mooched my way into my new house.

First, meet my new bestie!  This is TUCKER! He's a "foster dog" who lives with my other real world besties.  I use quotes because his foster dad is the worst foster dad ever because he has like a million foster dogs who never left. (OK, quite a few who have left).  Though he did manage to get rid of OBST by giving him to us. That's how bad OBST was!  He didn't even want him!  

I played coy at first but Tucker and I did some pretty epic zoomies.

Epic for sure.

And then I met Tucker's sibbies Tuchunk, I mean Tuchuck on the left and Narra on the right. I liked her a lot because she's a familiar sheppy shape!

And then we all got in a van for a ride!  Where are we going????  (Note: Tucker and I barfed 5 times between the two of us but that was not documented on film for some reason).  Where was the barfmobile headed???


Me and Narra (who is a total pro) and Tucker got to do herdings!  

I was really cautious at first but got into it when I relaxed a bit.

My ape said she wishes I was this calm and methodical at home!  Whatevs.

Tucker is totes a madman and was totally into it.  And I wasn't too shabby for a little guy.

Look!  They listen to me!!!!

The MIGHTY CORGI.  (Someone sez I've been a bit big for my britches.  WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?)

On the way home Tucker and I were sleepy (and still barfy) boos.

And now we're like total awesome herding friends.  I can't wait to play again!  I've been studying hard watching this documentary.

And I should extend a big THANK YOU to my buddies over at Lucky Skies for taking me along with them even though I barfed. And especially thanks to their ape who had this PAWESOME idea and took us all in his big van.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank you evfurbody!

Well, my burpday extravaganza is over and, I must say it was the best ever!  Granted, it was my first burpday, but still, awesome.

I started things off with a little marrow bone appetizer.  And then I followed it with a second course...(warning: a bit graphic):

7 POUNDS OF BEEF.  In one of the greatest injustices of all time, I had to share it with the other dogs who were not having burpdays.  Fair? No. But I am a benevolent Potus so I will let it slide.  But things only got better from there.  You see, you guys raised enough for me to take ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to the SPCA for Miss Taboo to get better from her heartworms.  

I love riding in the car, wind in my ears, free as a bird, wild at heart in my microvan.

Here's my STOKED face.  As soon as I got to the SPCA a volunteer asked "Is that dog Capone?" which was my tuff guy name before I became Otis T. Potus. See, she knew me back in the day and insisted on hugging me and smothering me with love.  Hey, lady, save some lovin' for everyone else! And then the staff came and hugged me and admired my incomparable handsomeness.  And then...

Guess who's got that junk in the trunk??

TABOO!  Look!  SHE SWOONED AT THE SIGHT OF ME.  It happens.  Ladies, don't forget your smelling salts when meeting with the Potus.

We're both chill (and she's supposed to be taking it easy with the worms in her hearts) but she still was interested in playing just a bit.

Look, we have the same bent leg pittie walk!

And it might appear that I am leering like a dirty old man.  It's just bad photography.  I swear.

Definitely not a dirty old man.

I did a little Otis snuggle to help heal her heart. Thanks to everyone for giving me the best prezzie EVER. Well, I wish we could bring Taboo home but we don't have room (I suggested booting the noisy little one or maybe the screaming teenager.  Apparently these are not options.) 

THANKS to everyone!  (But especially to Taboo.  Get better, gal!)

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

One Day to Burpday!

One more day to the Big Burpday!  Oh no! Help us turn EVIL OTIS!

Into HAPPY OTIS!  We are helping him celebrate by getting him THIS:

This is Taboo, a wee pittie mama at the Delaware SPCA.  We can't really have her (no room at the inn) but we can sponsor her through her heartworm treatment so she will be well enough to find a new home.  She's spent a lot of time at the SPCA just like Otis!  So wish Otis happy burpday in the comments and we will donate $2 to Taboo!  And Otis will get to deliver the money himself (he loves visiting his old digs--no really! He's weird!)

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Monday, March 07, 2011

More Burpdays!

 We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post (we didn't actually have anything scheduled, though we are regular) to bring you a special burpday from Edgrr.

Happy (day late) burpday to my fellow short legger Ernest Puppy who is FIVE YEARS YOUNG today!  May you have all the pasta and squashes and other noms you can fit in your gob!

P.S. For your burpday we are sending you our ma ape (in a month or so). Please return her.  If you wish to sneak into her luggage and move East that's cool too.

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

12 Things for 12 Years of Joe Stains!

Today is both RANDAY and JOEDAY! It is Joe Stains's BURPDAY!  And he is 12 years young today (Side note: olds rule, babies drool!)  We gathered together 12 things Joe loves for his burpday.

Piles of Yankees!

Piles of bacon!

Piles of Steelers!


PB Sammiches!

Troy Polamalu's hair!

More Sophie!

Sunbathing (especially in the nude)


Sidney Crosby (and the Pens)

Just Cuz!

Here's to a happy and healthy new year Joe!   Have a great one from us! (Even if Ethel refused to be in a picture with the boys!)

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