Saturday, May 31, 2008

SPCA Saturday--Please send help

It was a busy week at the SPCA this week and so many of my ma ape's favorites were adopted like Diamond the puppy, Chelsea the Lady and Lizzie Tizzie, Ethel Impersonator (Diamond + Lizzy= Willie and Othol!) Bye Lizzie!

Also a pug named Stewie, the Boston Terrierist, And Rah Rah got adopted! And this dude who came in on Thursday:

So my ma ape took pictures of new dudes like Cody Pit:

He is very very happy:

And THIS dude is Oscar:

He has a big head. And he thinks he is a lap dog.

This lady is Miley, aka Hannah Nebraska (because she is red and white, get it!)

She's a real hoot and liked sitting on my ma ape.

Wait a minute. That's not the SPCA. THAT'S MY YARD:

And that's not Ethel who is here with her white toes:

Um, dudes. We have a problem:

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Friday, May 30, 2008

The Burpday of a Lady!

Happy BUUUUUUUUUUURPDAY Sophina La Brador!

You rule my world!

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The Corgadorian Grey

As many of you know, some of my friends call me the Corgadorian Grey. That's a play on The Picture of Dorian Grey, the Oscar Wilde book about the guy who retains his youthful good looks by selling his soul and having a portrait that shows his real age. Here are my youthful good looks.

Not showing any age, eh? So what is aging on my behalf? Well, let me put it this way. Here is my ma ape when I adopted her:

And here she is today:

I think this deal is working out very well:

Thanks for scanning the funny pho-tos, GranNE!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Secret Plans. Shhh!

I've been quiet lately owing to very important, top secret, classified activities. I can't tell you what but you might want to read this story in the New York Times: "Monkeys control robot arm with their thoughts."

It is not long before my army of monkeys and robot arms will be able to open the freezing box for me. And then what use will my ma ape be? Oh right, a robot arm will not be so useful in the middle of the night when it is thundering. Not so good for snuggling.

Naked apes, you've been warned. We will control you with our minds and our monkeys and our robot arms. You need us more than we need you.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

On the Runs

I must apologize for my disheveled appearance.

And my absence from the dog-o-sphere. I have been down.

And out.
With a spot of Montezuma's revenge. Or more like three or four dozen spots, some in our yard, some in the neighbor's yard, one in the catch my drift (and may even smell it).

I am accepting applications for nurse.

I am also working on blog security. And checking the locks. I don't want any squatters moving in. To let you know how ungrateful those little jerks are. I wanted to show you this:

This is the Gooberstan Offical Fun Fest Birthday Gift Extravaganza. Stan, that ever generous dude, suggested that instead of getting HIM a toy you get a toy for a dog in need. Well, the StanMan is worthy not just of ONE gift but of a whole darn bag. So we put together a bag o' toys and took them to the SPCA. They thank you, Stan!

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