Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Best Side

I heard that at the DWB meet-up it was said that I SOMETIMES LOOK A BIT MANIC IN PHOTOS!



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Monday, July 19, 2010

SPCA Saturday Returns! (Best of Times, Worst of Times Edition)

The Sheppys have offered to let me do SPCA Saturday because this week is especially relevant to me. This is my best contemplative look (please ignore slobber and wonky eye). It was 9 million degrees on Saturday so our ape and the dogs could not be out long but she met a couple of special fellows including JAMMIN' MUGS! Yes! That is his AWESOME name and he has a silly walk he does all the time where his hind end goes faster than the front and he winds up walking sideways. Hi-larious! Also, with his great name we are putting together a blues duo. Look for our album to drop next fall.

And this is Tiger, a substantial fellow!

And look at this bathing beauty! It's Rounder! Isn't he lovely on his three legs?

The missing leg doesn't slow him down one bit.

Doesn't slow his roll with the ladies.

And here's that lovely lady, Miss Dicey.

But here's what you wouldn't guess. These are my cousins of sorts. Time to bring the room down for a moment.

Dicey and Rounder, who are sweet as can be to peeps and dogs (almost as sweet as ME!), are part of 11 dogs brought to the SPCA after they were seized from a fighting ring run by two brudders. One of the brudders was the dude that I was taken away from. These sweetums were probably the bait dogs (how my bud here lost his leg) and I was with the breeding dogs. They have not found the fighting rings or dogs. In other words, getting busted once for dogfighting did nothing to stop this dude. Sigh. OK, can't end this on a sad note. The dogs the SPCA saved are doing great and can be adopterated out. And also:


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