Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Snoring Boring!

It has been raining for 900 days and OMD we are so stinking bored. Here are some things we did:

1. Otis murdered some of the ma ape's bamboo starts.
2. I, OBST, pushed Otis down the stairs.
3. I also discovered I can pull Otis around by his neck waddle. TOO MUCH FUN.
4. We ate bully sticks and then made copious amounts of gas.

We also had to do things like look at old pictures of the good old days when we could play outside.

And laff at some photos of Otis Potus getting stuck in his toy. He is not the brains of this operation. In fact, we're not quite sure who has them right now.

And we played with the Wu-Name Generator! Now we can be in the Wu-Tang Clan! We are no longer Ethel Jean, Oscar Bean, and Otus Potus we are...

Tha Ever So Weary Assistant.

The Tha Prickly Comedian!


And our ma ape was...Curly-haired Slacker. I'm not even kidding. I believe this Wu-Name Generator could see into our souls!!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good night to an Angel

We lost a good friend today. Angel was a neglect case at the SPCA with arthritis so severe she could barely walk and she would probably have been put down but our friends took her in and gave her all her old heart desired and even though she couldn't run or sometimes even walk, she demanded respect from all the whippersnappers.

We can still hear your wroo wroos, Angel.

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