Friday, May 18, 2007

Unbearably Funny

My granny sent me this story about a bear who wandered into a medical clinic in New Mexico. My granny's comment: Poor Bear. I hope he had insurance!

No kidding--I can only imagine the itemized bill he will receive for tranquilization, transportation, and waste disposal. Can't a bear just get his viagra prescription in peace??

A young black bear ambled through a medical clinic's automatic door early Friday and into a gastroenterology lab, the perfect place for a tranquilizer.

"I think the person in the waiting room was pretty surprised," said Todd Sandman, director of public relations for Presbyterian Health Care Services, which runs the lab in Rio Rancho, on the outskirts of Albuquerque.

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Friday's Corgador

Look! This guy's name is shorty. He would like a home in the DC area.

Also, please change his name. We are not short just because we do not have FREAKISHLY long legs.

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Gorillas in our Midst

According to the BBC, a gorilla escaped its enclosure and attacked a woman in the Rotterdam zoo. The Great Apes are rising up. I think they're tired of the naked apes disproving the "great" in Great Apes.

I am eagerly awaiting the gorillas' pledge to join me and my chimp/dog revolution in which we will overthrow the naked ape dictatorship and live our lives luxuriating in the outdoors, munching on bananas.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sleeping Dogs Lie

I was tagged a LONG time ago and my ma ape forgot to post a lovely picture of my belly. (She has a short attention span). Here I am resting comfortably, belly up!

This picture is from last night. It's hard to tell from the photo but I that big black mound I am resting on is my ma ape! It was thundering and I was scared so I thought I'd rest ON TOP of her. Ahhhhhhh. Good thing she has that layer of fat for cushioning!

Oops. I'd better start thinking of some nice things to say about the ma ape. It's almost dinner time.

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Oh my Dog!

This story might give me nightmares. It's about "Class B" animal dealers who sell animals to labs for experimentation. The house is considering a bill to ban these dealers.

WASHINGTON - It’s the nightmare of pet lovers everywhere: Their beloved Fido or Whiskers gets lost, is scooped up by animal thieves, then sold to be dissected in a university research lab.

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that every year middlemen known as “Class B” animal dealers round up about 18,000 dogs and cats through flea markets and free-to-good-home ads, and then sell them to laboratories and university research labs.

In the process, it says lost pets are rounded up, too.

... An estimated 90,000 dogs and cats are bought by research facilities and veterinary schools each year. The Humane Society estimates that 70 percent comes from breeders, 20 percent come from Class B dealers, and 10 percent come from pounds.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Great One is Gone

I'm very late but I wanted to say goodbye to Fufu the hamsterrier. Miss Sunshade has a lovely tribute up that I don't think I can top. It takes a special hamster to hang with us dogs and, if you visit DWB, you'll see how many dogs were touched by our tiny friend. Fufu was a great friend and commenter. Girl Girl is carrying on the awesome blog and she encourages us to all to be happy and think of things we love. It's a good thing to do--so, I will think about things I love and post about them later. Until then, here's a picture of Fufu that I love.


Keeping Ourselves Out of Trouble

We have reached that dreaded time of the year called "The End of the Semester" which means the ma ape is very busy thinking about all the things she should have done over the last four months. That means we have to entertain ourselves.

Here I am with my squirrel. My sissy always tries to catch them outside. I don't know why when we have them lying around our house. It's not that hard to get them out of that silly fake tree stump.

And I can do crazy eyes like my sissy!

Here we give our butts a workout doing our playposes.

We play too fast for the camera.

And then I have to have a little dinner. The ma ape will never be too busy to feed me. I never let her forget.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

A Day for a Ma Ape

So to get out of the doghouse my sissy and I knew we'd better do something GOOD for ma ape day. I woke her up at 6 a.m. to give her my green wiener but she was not so impressed. So we each made a list of presents to get for her. I think mine was better.

Wally's list:

1) Raw! Meaty! Bones! (This is totally selfless. I know how much she loves it when we're happy.)
2) Puppy (slightly lower than me on the cuteness scale. It might cure her Puppy Fever she caught from Nanook's site).
3) Sunshine! (She likes that)
4) Vegetables (she likes that and she'll share with me and not with picky sissy.)
5) Lifesize portrait of Wally.

Ethel's List:
1) Deer
2) Deer
3) Deer
4) Deer
5) Tennis Balls
6) Deer

We did not actually get her any of these things but it is the thought that counts (don't be greedy, ma ape!) This is what she got: A GARDEN! She had to plant it herself but we supervised. And we made a solemn vow not to TRAMPLE the okras or the tomatoes or the peppers. Or eat the tomatoes. (I LOVE TOMATOES.) I watched carefully and then helped by watering the little wire fence she put around it (I guess she didn't so much trust our trampling promise). I can't wait for the vegetables!

We also got my granny ape a plane ticket to visit us! We will have to show her the garden and tell her not to trample it, either.

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