Friday, January 22, 2010

For My Angel

My secretary has been particularly useless of late but I wanted to take this chance to give a shout out to my buddy Angel from the Lucky 7. Like me, she's a bit grey around the temples but we both have left our hard living ways behind us and are happily retired. She's feelin a bit poorly, as you do when you're advanced in age (and intelligence) so I'd like to wish her GET WELL, buds.

Someone's got to keep their eyes on these young whippersnappers.

And here's a picture of a handsome mature gentleman to keep you warm at night, Angel!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

SPCA Saturday (the Moar Boar Edition!)

My ape came home from SPCA Saturday with most unusual smells. She's been feeling poorly all week but somehow found the strength to go cheat on me with other dogs and the boar boys! I am not impressed. But here are some of the lads and ladies she visited.

Ty the skateboarding boodog! He is not for adopteration, he lives with the lady who runs the joint.

And here is Ty with his brudder Lugar who is like OBST but with longer legs and more colors.

He may have had springs installed:

This wee ickle girl is only a few months old, tops, and is teeny tiny. Cookie Face! She was taken in a drug case so she's not up for adoption yet.

And here is Jughead II, suckin' up to my ma ape. He spent his whole time outside giving her smooches. GROSS. No wonder she smelled sickeningly sweet when she got home!

And look at these! They're new guys; a pair of basset bros!

And this is Remy, a very high energy young lady looking for someone to scratch her behind her funny ears.

And this is Tupac, a crazy wee boy who needs a home where he can play.

And Seth who is a wee guy with a big case of worms. But he'll get rid of them so you don't have to adopt the worms with him.

And Hazel who is not nearly as sad as he looks in this picture. Yes, Hazel is a He which may explain his confused look.

And Cannon! He's an American Boodog mix who loves to play and love and try to steal my ma ape.

And--oh! Moar Boars! They got out to hang out in the sunshine a bit. They do not move very quickly. Or very much. I can relate.

They have been very busy making themselves straw hats.

And hippo costumes. (They look like hippos to me!)

And my ma ape petted this guy because she thinks he is adorable. WHAT! I thought the lady had taste, what with her adopterating me and all.

And lest you get any designs on my ma ape buddy, here is a picture of me eating a pig's ear:

I hope to not smell any of you guys next week because, I hope, you'll all be happily stinking up your new homes!

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