Saturday, July 31, 2010

That's OUR Vet!

We were watching the news, as we do, and we saw a familiar face. OUR VET! No, they didn't arrest him for stealing our blood, as they ought to. He is apparently very busy in his spare time when he is not doting on us!

And here is the story in words for those of you who like to read.

And if you thought that was Otis in the beginning of the story you're not the only one! BOL!

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Monday, July 26, 2010


So bored.

On Saturday the heat index was 107. And we wear fur coats. And so we could not go outside and have our mental and physical stimulations and thus we have been a bit, how to phrase this, annoying as a Sarah Palin speech performed by the Black Eyed Peas backed by vuvuzelas. That bad. Our ape said we had CABIN FEVER. So we looked up what that meant. The best we could come up with was:

Oh my. So we have had to come up with our own indoor entertainments OTHER than the Jersey Shore marathon or barking at cats (both of which we have engaged in this weekend). Here are some of the things we do for mental/physical stimulations:

1. Math problems: If you have three dogs, how many different configurations of two can you make with these three doggies on the couch.



Three. (Ouch! My eye!)

That problem was too easy. Here's another: If a sheppy and a pit boo run as fast as they can, with a max speed of 189 mph for the sheppy and .189 mph for the boo, what will the force be on impact between their skulls. Answer: Ouch.

2. Joke telling!

Ethel is not amused by my sexist jokes.

Otis does not find my jokes very funny.

But clearly he finds his OWN jokes HILARIOUS.

3. Monkey Madness

4. Funny Face competition (Ethel opted out as she says she NEVER looks funny):

Uh, I think you can see who won:

This must be why they call it the Dog Days of Summer.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Goodnight, Dottie

We are sad to have to say goodbye to an old friend, Dottie, big sis to Dozer and Coop. She was a champion showdog AND a champion friend. You can say goodbye to her at their blog.

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SPCA Saturday (Too Darn Hot Edition!)

It's time for another SPCA Saturday! It is an extra exciting one because 1) it was 9 million degrees so there is a tense storyline--will the apes pass out in the heat! 2) the state of DE just passed a NEW LAW protecting animals in shelters. You can see them sign it at OUR SHELTER here. 3) BOARS!

This is an OLD picture of my old buds the Boars because they have now all gone to shelter or rescue! The last few were taken in by La Mancha Rescue in PA. Now MOAR DOGS! This old guy is not yet named (or neutered or available) but our buddy, the Patron Saint of Sheppys, has his eye on him.

And this little dude is Tucker, who is looking for a rescue. When he was younger he was very timid and scared and has a bite history but he's a totally cool dude and has come a long way. (Our bud is also looking out for Tucker--someone adopt Tucker before he does!)

This is SETH! He was at the shelter before and was adopted out by a family who was told he should be an onlydude in his home. And guess what! They got another dog! And gave back Seth. Durrrrr.

OH NO! What has happened to this dog! Has she expired from the heat???

No, silly! She's ROACHING! Happy Roaching, Precious!

And this is a Nasir the TULA MONSTAH! He's got a congenital bone disease that makes his leg all wonky so Akita rescue is coming to get him so they can get his leg fixed. He was one sweet dude, though!

And finally, Emmy. She might be a Pit/Corgi mix with her long body and big ears and shorty legs. She is one purdy lady in my book!

Whew! It's too hot to stay outside. Stay cool, dudes!

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