Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the internet's finer points

the internet is an invaluable research tool for trading information and humiliating the goddamn cats. check out this site i stumbled upon featuring "kitlers" cats that look like hitler. now that's a worthwhile use of bandwidth. creepy.

more inappropriate touching

as my granny so helpfully reminded me, el presidente is not the only one who has a problem with bizarre public displays of affection, see putin kissing a boy's belly. his excuse? he wanted to squeeze the boy like a kitten. oh, i see. perhaps the u.n. needs to hold a workshop on good touch/bad touch.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

can't the un stop this sh*t?

when not engaging in diplomacy via expletive, it appears el presidente is busy molesting world leaders. isn't this what the germans breed german shepherds and rottenweilers for? get yourself a watchdog, angela.

speaking of which, where did this guy learn his manners? on film talking with his mouth full of food and swearing to tony blair, then giving a non-consensual backrub? seriously, we dogs have better comportment--and we spend a fair amount of time sniffing each others' butts!

in other news (the real news?), dog trainers will often tell you that bad behavior is a sign or manifestation of other kinds of problems. like sudden aggression might be a sign of physical pain. i'm worried that the president might be suffering from a severe brain tumor that leads to a dramatic oversimplification and misunderstanding of the world. what kind of diplomatic genius imagines that pressuring syria will solve the problems of the middle east? how come no one thought of this before?

Monday, July 17, 2006

dog saves baby. again.

this story about a dog who saved a toddler who was toddling across a philly roof has been all the rage on local news. sadly they did not include the best quote from the father "I'm embarassed because everyone knows my son was walking on the roofs. I feel responsible. Or irresponsible."

when are the worthless babies going to start saving US?

some hot chicks

nebraska in the news! this time for my granny's hometown where they hold the chicken show, an annual celebration of chickens and all puns fowl related. Behold:

WAYNE, Nebraska (AP) -- Del Hampton has no reason to be fowl.

He was named champion Saturday of the National Cluck-Off competition -- an event the Fort Smith, Arkansas, native has won for the past eight years.

"My dream when I was a kid was to do cartoon voices. It all kind of goes back to that," Hampton said.

The 26th annual event featured all things related to chickens, including a barbecue chicken dinner, contests, vendors and the world's largest chicken dance. The highlight was the cluck-off.

me and my friends.

check out my awesome online friends who keep their own damn fine dogblogs ( is the myspace for dogs. with fewer annoying teenagers. and fewer fake blogs. hee).

tin tin the awesome aussie.
Sid the Heeler (but no heel)
Abby's K-9 Dogblog
narra, buko and jacks, my shepherd pals

others please visit and let me know about your blog. dogs of the world, unite!

le tour (pardon my french)

now that footie season is over i have been trying to find other sporting pursuits to fill my time in between my beauty rest and dinner time (not that that is not a complete schedule). i tried baseball but when the cubs gave up 11 runs in the 6th inning, i could not go on. (i'm still available as the rally wally to perform between innings! call me!)

so it's back to france and le tour where the 12 riders who are not embroiled in doping scandals or injured in are still going strong. without lance armstrong it is a considerably more chaotic and interesting race which is good for me since my days can get predictable (walk. breakfast. nap. bark at pug. nap. bark at lab mixes. try to counter surf. nap. try to steal ethel's snacks. nap. nap. dinner. nap. bedtime). also, lance armstrong can be kind of a jerk. he's made some veiled threats at his former teammate floyd landis and insulted les bleus (saying they tested positive for asshole).

good thing they weren't testing for that when you were racing, eh?

blues and le bleus

many thanks to those who sent me condolences for my team's loss in the world cup. i think i am now recovered from my hangover. and the headaches stemming from practicing my headbutts. seriously, zidane stole my move. see, i'm missing a fair number of my teeth so i have to work with what assets i have. namely, the element of surprise (no one suspects the little short legged dog will be the bully) and my big, solid head, perfect for knocking dogs (especially neapolitan mastiffs, spinone italianos and italian greyhounds) off their feet. also, i too am a little sensitive about my mawma. so zizou definitely deserved the golden ball in my eyes. mawma's boys with hot tempers rule!

but thanks to well-wishers commenting on my blog and hoping i am not succumbing to the blues. i will soon have updates including some about some new friends i made in the blogosphere. dogblogging kicks myspace's butt any day!