Friday, January 14, 2011

In the Darkroom

OBST here to talk some SRS BSNS. This is about photo-graphy (and our ma ape's deficiencies.) You see, she is not a talented or learn-ed photo-grapher. The Other Ape is learn-ed and learn-ing (and has a fancy camera) and found a review of my FAVORITE KIND OF BOOK, a picture/photobook called In Almost Every Picture #9.
The book is about a family's photographs of their dog who happens to have black fur WHICH IS THE MOST AWESOME KIND OT HAVE but that makes him appear to the camera as a DARK BLOB.

Ma ape has a better camera but a similar problem with the blobitude!

My sissy has facial features--including a mouth she uses for BITING AND NAGGING me!--but you can't tell from this photo. You can make out an eye and a wubba floating around a DARK BLOB! It gets worse because our ma ape doesn't know nothin' about using light:

Note how the corgi's features, even though he's ITTY BITTY in BODY and BRAIN and even though he's far in the background, are perfectly clear! We sheppys? BLOBS! Blobs with barely perceptible eyes.

Edgrr snuggles with a BLOB.

I suppose this partly explains why black dogs EVEN DEVASTATINGLY HANDSOME ONES LIKE ME have a hard time getting adopterated. We are dark, brooding, mysterious. Even though I have a wonderfully expressive face my ma ape can READ LIKE A BOOK (especially when I've been naughty and my face reads GUILT! or when my brudder gets attention and my face reads JELLY!) and my sissy has a big ole smile, we're inscrutable.

But we did find an exception to this BLOB rule:

Somehow, Wally's face was perfect for bouncing off the lights! (And blogger DOES NOT want to shrink this photo!).

We must learn to capture some of the Wally PHOTOMOJO so that we do not look like Otis, Edgrr and their FLOATING BLOBS OF DOOM!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mutual of Omaha's Wild America

Nature, red in tooth and claw.

For Otis's very different take on the snows, see below.

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Is it Spring Yet?

This is Otis T. Potus, the only dog without a double-layer coat. In the winters I get awfully chilly, especially as I have so little body fat insulation. And yesterday we had more snow! I need a winter home. At any rate, look how spooooooky it was in the morning! (Spookiest--that is probably our ape's smelly breath making that fog.)

And out in the yard, scary things....

Let me in! Let me in!

The baby got a tad frosty out in the snows.

So he put on his fancy pants new jacket, fleece on the inside, weatherproofy stuff on the outside. Not looking so tuffy there, bud.

He did not take my review of his sartorial choices well.

Now let's put on my Hawaiian shirt and head for warmer climes!

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sea Dat?

We had two big plans for the weekend: Snow and Seahawks! Both have worked out well for us. Otis and I are inspecterating the snow:

We are suspicious because someone keeps stealing our snow, sometimes within hours of it being delivered!

Looks all clear, the snow's here for a little while! And then it was time for a little pick up football game before the big game started.

As the biggest dog in the house, Ethel makes an excellent center and she is quite good at hiking the ball.
But I felt as if perhaps the sheppys needed a little guidance so I decided to do some coaching.

Ethel did not approve of my tough love coaching style. These high paid athletes can be such prima donnas.

So I decided to suit up in my Little Lord Fauntelroy jacket and put me in the game, coach! (And if you have to ask why I would wear a LLF jacket for football, well, that's why you're not the coach!)

Run the play, guys!

Hut, HUT!

Wait, which way is the end zone?

Hey! Personal Foul!

Unsportsmanlike conduct! Roughing the coach!

After all that work we decided to settle in for the game. Look at Otis's SEAHAWK GREEN chew we got from The Brat Pack!

Some of us got more settled than others. I got mad at Oscar for wearing Saints colors.

By finally we are in our football watching positions. LET'S DO THIS THING! We have decided to summarize the game with this play:

SEA-HAWKS! And we want to show you our FAVORITE Seahawk, Aaron Curry. He loves dogs!

Can't wait to find out who we will beat next week! Let's go practice guys! Sheppys....Otis...where are you going? I NEED TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!

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