Saturday, November 22, 2008

SPCA Saturday (Shooter Style!)

What's up dudes? I'm Shooter. I was adopted a few weeks ago and now I AM BACK! They found me trying to get into cars at a hotel near the SPCA! WOOOO! And my owner never came to claim me--JERKAZOID!

Before I intro you to my buds let me put in a plug for my friend Zulu who is like the nicest guy you can meet but he tore his ACL and needs surgery. If you can help you can donate here. Can you say no to this face?

Now my new buds!

This is London! She's a laaaaaaaaaady. And she's crazy. She tried to get me to play with her through the fence. Silly pup.

And meet Skipper, Schnauzer Central. He looks cranky but he's NOT.

And this is Mack, some manner of pug mix. They think maybe Pug/Jack Russell which makes him a JUG. He is like a totally cool dude.

This this here is Scooby (left) n' Beethoven (right)--and no, he will not roll over.

Ludwig down here is really bossy.

And poor Scoobster was scared senseless and had to be carried in by the lady ape. And yes, he is a purebred Wire Fox Terror. And Wally says that he knows many of these and they come highly recommended. He says he'd even drive this one to Maymphis for his bud Gus so the foxies could outnumber the Tekas.

And this here pup is Jacob. He's a wee pit. We have some funny photos of him mauling the lady ape. We'll see if she'll let us post 'em!

Ok, we've had a good record with SPCA Saturday and since Big Red the dogs doing SPCA Saturday have gotten adopted the next week. Let's keep up the trend!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wally's Field Guide to Peppy Sheppys

My Girl Sophie asked me how I can tell the two sharkie sheppies apart.

It is an excellent question. They are both black in color, long in leg, pointy in ear, and doofus in disposition. And they both pee like girls. Not like big boys like me n' Tadpole.

Both also have an unnatural attraction to tennis balls.

In the rustle and tussle of a rasslin' match they are especially hard to tell apart, all ears and white teeth.

And most of the time I ignore them collectively, occasionally shouting "SHUT IT" or "GET AWAY FROM MY STUFFY"

But here is a quick and easy guide for how to tell apart the peppy sheppys should you encounter them in the wild.

Ethel: Highlights on toes n' chest. Taller. Fluffier. Deep, low voice. Bit of a loner.

Oscar: No highlights. Shorter. Skinnier. Squeals like a little girl. Likes to snuggle with both of us.

That's it for the long n' pointies. I myself prefer the short n' rounds.

Ah, much better. And one of kind, too!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday is a Rest Day

This is what it was like at my house on Sunday:

Two sharks in my tank.

I said---phhhhbbbbbbt! Shut up, shark faces, I'm trying to get my beauty rest!

So the doof had to go to the dog park. And see his bud--that is Jackson the Dog Formerly Known as T-Bone! He was featured in SPCA Saturday last spring. He had been taken from his owner after a neighbor beat him with a shovel. But now he lives with people who smother him with the loves and who let my brudder harass him.

They are two doofs for sure.

Ready for the WWF!

And then our friend Tuchuck got in on the game. He's an SPCA graduate, too!

Tuchuck also played a sharing game with this lovely lady Lilly.

Everybody's got themselves a bud.

And Oscar's got a face only a mother could love.

And while he was gone I was very busy.

Drifting off...

One ticket to dreamland, please.

Mission Accomplished.

Clearly the beauty sleep is highly effective.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

SPCA Saturday (delayed!)

Hey dudes! I am Zooloo, bringing you an SPCA Saturday. There are not many new dogs this week because there are so many new dogs! That is my Zen Riddle!

Haha! Ok, actually the SPCA had to take in forty dogs from one house! Holy cow! And so they are still processing them and tutoring and spaying them. Speaking of which, I am visiting the vet because I had a small problem with my tutoring but you can still come ADOPT ME.

This is Ms. Baby. She is a very nice lady, though at times tempermental.

This big smile belongs to Hannah who acts like she doesn't want nothin' to do with ya but really she's a softie.

You should visit the SPCA and adopt ALL of us and then adopt some of the 40 dogs they brought in but first adopt me, ok! Cool dudes!

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