Friday, June 05, 2009

The Terrible Twos

Someone is turning two tomorrow. (6/6. I'm just sayin'.) He will probably get to blog. I am giving you fair warning.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009


We have photographic evidence of our vet visit but my ma ape has not yet uploaded 'em. But here are some things that happened:

1) Oscar Bean was a good boy until he growled at someone in the waiting room.
2) My ma ape was *shocked* that I gained two pounds (in two months) but HAPPY that Oscar Bean had gained more than ten (in twelve months)! What gives?
3) My vet said I have a very soulful face.
4) The vet said Oscar has perfect teeth and I have....a few teeth.
5) My blood pressure was excellente! The end of the Bush admin has really done wonder for my ticker.
6) My tummy was a little tender so I'm getting some tests done.
7) We got to ride in the new wheels!!!!!!!!!! I looked totes hot.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Time is a Wastin'

I am terribly behind in reading blogs and in blogging. I haven't even posted SPCA Saturday nor did I let you know that Waylon Rat Boy Pit Boo Puppy has a new home and he was picked up right away with a lady who adopted a roly poly pit boo girl from the SPCA last year and was looking for a friend for her girl and was sad that she had missed out on the litter of blue pit boos but now she has one! Isn't that wonderful? Especially wonderful--that lady IS NOT MY MA APE. Whew. Happy Trails, Waylon!

My ma ape has been kept busy looking for a new doghouse for the gang and trying to figure out more gauges and what not. I don't care if our new house has more gauges I just want air conditioning, a place for my meaty box, and a nice yard with no poodles barking at me.

But also she's a little stressed because I've been feeling poorly. It's probably partly the weather. A native Northwesterner like me doesn't do so well in the heat and I hate the T-storms. It's also probably that I'm 12-14 years old.

Saturday is Oscar Bean, Super Teen's Second Birthday and as a gift I am taking him to the vet tomorrow! I know, I'm too kind! And my ma ape is going to take me to talk to the vet about my health. She says I am having "senior moments." I told her I don't make her go to the vet for her senior moments like the 10th time today she has lost her keys or the batteries she accidentally put in the freezer. And yesterday when I barfed I let Oscar BS Teen clean it up. Am I not the best big brudder EVER? I will tell you what the vet says other than that Oscar needs obedience classes and I probably just need some botox or something.

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Wally's Song