Saturday, July 26, 2008

SPCA Saturday!

Time for my trampy ma ape to go hang out with OTHER DOGS while I am home alone, pining. Here are some dogs.

Cody has been on here before but he's STILL at the SPCA after like two months.

This Hot Chocolate lady is a a fun girl with lots of energy (and also, a bit of love).

Jerry is a wild man! He loves to play with toys and can keep himself entertained with spurts of toy-killin' energy.

Brody might already be adopted because some people came to look at him after they saw him playing in the outside. He's a handsome dude who loves to play and I found his slobber all over my ma ape so I guess he is an affectionate guy.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

My Green Thumb

Many of you may not know that I am a MASTER GARDENER. I love all things garden. Especially the shade of the mater plants and watering the cuke leaves with my, ahem, organic water. Here is part of my garden, the part with cucumbers, okras, and jalenpeno PEPPERS. I don't like to eat the peppers but I might see if my brudder will. Just cuz.

Here is my eggplant! I have never seen a purple egg before but I'm looking forward to that omelet. Or maybe a quiche.

Maters! As you can see, my ma ape put them in crates but she crated them TOO LATE and now one of them is too big and unruly to put in a crate. Like my baby brudder! Ha!

And this is a loverly cucumber flower. The cucumber plants are CRAZY big. My ma ape is a little afraid of them. So are the okras.

I decided it would be important to impart my wisdom to baby brudder Oscar Bean so I decided to teach him the Art of Gardening.

First you have to pick an appropriate plot of ground.

Then you gently turn over the soil to make it soft enough to dig up.

Ahhhh..then you settle into the cool patch of just turned over soil and watch the ma ape sweat it in the garden.

Oscar seems to be a quick study.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are Many

So this week I have been deluged (ok, I've gotten two) with reports of corgadors taking over the world (or in two different locations).

From Sophie, currently visiting Pawston, is THIS lovely lady who they call a bassador but--as you can see--she looks an awful lot like me. Ie, she is BEAUTIFUL!

And this hottie is in Mini-apples-us. I don't think the state of Mini-soda is sideways but I couldn't turn the picture upright. My REAL WORLD friend KT saw this dog (actually a golden/corgi mix) and had to have a friend snap a cell phone photo because that is the lure of the corgador!
Corgadors of the world--UNITE!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

MY BEST FRIEND by Oscar Bean

Yo! It's Oscrrrrrrrrr Bean, Super Teen here! I love to ride in the car like this:

Big Brudder Wally gets his own window!

I get my own chin rest. See! It rawks!

And sometimes we go to the veterimatarian and sometimes to school and sometimes to see my ohmydog best friend TUCHUUUUUUUUCK. He lets me call him Chuck. See! You know why he's a little dirty? Because he played in a MUDHOLE. Ohmydog he's so cool.

He teacherates me how to run:

And run.

And then run faster so I don't get border collie breath in my face!

And we play SHARKFACE!

But I have to be careful because he's a BIG BRUDDER and I have a BIG BRUDDER who lost his legs.

Look at my white teethers!

Chuck has 'em just like me!

Ohmydog we could shark face for all day!

Not my feets, dude!

Haha! Sabre-tooth dog!

That's my collar dude!

Chuckie Exorcist!

I love my bestie!

Ohmydog we rawk!

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Pool Party!

One of the things we did on the playdate was bring our cheap-o pool that is hard to fill and easy to tear!

We filled it with water and made dog soup. Narra and Tuchuck were the first to dive in.

But Oscar Bean and Ethel got in to cool their bellies and their jets.

The pool did not hold its shape very well with all the beans in it.

The older dignified gents did join in the shenanigans. Even though some of them were picked up and placed in the pool. Harumph.

Here's how I felt about the whole wet business.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Morning in the Sun!

We got to have another playdate! This time with a pool party (more on that in a later post.) We got to go over to see Narra, Jackson, Tuchuck and Rousseau.

Three dogs in one car!

Four dogs in one pile.

Oscar Bean chased Tuchuck.

Wally chased Tuchuck!

Jackson chased Wally (slow speed chase).

Look! Jackson scares Oscar because Oscar cannot handle his love. Here Oscar is stopped in his track by the power of Jackson's gaze.

Jackson just wants a little love!

And a lotta Oscar.

Princess Narra was above the she-nanigans.

And also she was quite busy hoarding the tennis balls.

We listened to ABBA the whole time and had a handsome contest to decide who got to be the Dancing Queen.

The entrants included Tuchuck (Super Trooper).

Jackson (Voulez Vous--ah ha!)

Rousseau (Chiquitita).

Wally T. (Wallyloo!)!

Who is the Dancing Queen? You don't have to say--I don't want to make the other dogs feel bad.

But I did leave behind a little something for my pals to remember me by.

If you want to see a video of us playing you can visit my buds' blog.

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