Saturday, November 19, 2011

Losing a Friend

We have not blogged in a very long time except on our tumblr and we wish we were not brought back by sad news. We were sad yesterday to learn that our friend Sam has crossed the Bridge.  

Sam was one of our first blogging friends--she has her own tag on our bloggy!--and she was Wally's #1 girlfriend.  As you can see, they had a lot in common.

Plus, while neither of them was the biggest dog in their packs in body, they were still the biggest dogs in their pack, if you know what we mean.  

Sam's person shared what Sam had for her last meal:  a 4-egg cheese omelet, 8 strips of turkey bacon, a chicken breast, several pieces of beef jerky, a heap of liver treats and an entire container of Cool Whip.  That's our girl! Never live life halfway!  

Thanks for being our friend, Sam.  We miss you.

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