Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Theory of Justice

My ape and Gus's ape spend a lot of time reading and writing about ethics which is quite silly because, as the news has been reporting, dogs have fairness entirely figured out.

Scientists in Austria report in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that a dog may stop obeying a command if it sees that another dog is getting a better deal.

In this way dogs may be showing a sensitivity that is similar to, although perhaps more primitive than, that shown by chimpanzees and some monkeys. Until now those primates were the only nonhumans to show what is called “inequity aversion” in the absence of a reward.

Fairness? Sorted. I can haz tenure now?


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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Things That Are Good for my Ticker

This is part of a new series I call Things That Are Good for My Ticker. In this video there is Canada (home to beeeeeeee-utiful ladies like Sam Bee, Sophie La Brador, Lola and MJ--seriously what do you guys have in the water up there---rooowwwwrrrr!) And this video also has CORGIS.

Ironically, due to copyright laws, no one in Canada can watch this video. HA!

Now I'm going to my yacht with beknighted corgis. Later!


Monday, December 08, 2008


It was a very exciting weekend and I have many things to tell you about including:

1) An Ape Burpday!
2) A Pawliday Party and subsequent abandonment
3) A Cold Day at the Dog Park for Oscar Bean, Stinky Teen
4) BIG SALE at the pet store

But first I wanted to give an update on my ticker. As some of you may remember, I collapsed last Thursday and my ticker was RACING. Here is a re-creation:

And here is what my ma ape looked like:

I maxed and relaxed all weekend and spent time watching the Britney Spears Documentary/Hour Long Ad "For the Record" and I could totally relate because I think my stress is caused by the Pooperazzi always chasing me, trying to catch me with greens in my teeths:

Today it was time for my triumphant return to the vet's office where I am always plied with snacks and attention.

They did a chest x-ray and confirmed that I have dilated cardiomyopathy. This will come as a surprise to no one but I have a BIG HEART.

This is not my actual heart but it gives you the idea, though because I am long my heart has actually shifted position and is lying on its side! The vet said that my valves are leaky which makes my heart work really hard so it has gotten BIG and MUSCULAR. and totally STUDLY. So all this time my ma ape has been in the basement lifting those hunks of metal I've been pumping iron WITH MY TICKER. The GOOD news, though is that I don't have any fluid in my chest or lungs so I'm still in pretty good shape. I'm going to start a drug called Pimobendan (which is very fun to say) for the ole ticker. It should help manage the symptoms and keep my muscular heart under control. I may have to love everyone just a little bit less to keep my heart from getting TOO big! I'm starting with loving Oscar less (though my ma ape says maybe I should take a break from lovin' ON Oscar so much. If you know what I mean.)

I owe big thanks to Charlie and Brooke because they gave me some advice and support over at The Bone Zone.

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SPCA Saturday (Better Late than Never!)

This is Wally and I am doing SPCA Saturday because I am SO MAD that my ma ape spent the day Saturday enflirterating with two big headed dogs when she has ME at home. Am I not enough for her? Well, we'll see how she likes it when I go to live with my new moms in the White House! So visit the SPCA to adopt these big headed (or small headed) dogs so that my ma ape stops sluttin' around with 'em.

So, first, three of the dogs my ma ape walked and pho-to-graphed got adopted within an hour of getting their picture took!

Ms. Roxy got a lot of attention because she is a young boxer mix. She got adopted!

This little dude is a beagle who has a BIG bay and a NEW HOME.

Now for adoptable dogs.

This girly girl is Lucy, a sweet pit mix who loves her some play time.

The next two dog are shar-pei/chow mixes (?) who were part of a big pack seized from an owner who couldn't take care of them. They had some skin problems and are a little aloof. Sadly they are older dogs and have been living there for awhile waiting for their skin to clear up and hoping for rescue.

This lady is Nina.
And this dude is Malachai and my ma ape said he reminded her of me but with legs and back wrinkles. WHATEVS.

And this is lady Jane who is WAY too nice to still be at the SPCA. She loves to run (can you tell) but also loves to get attention from the peoples. Like, my peoples. Stop it!

And this is Mallory and my ma ape did not get a good pic of her because she kept rolling on her back for the belly rubs. She walks well on the leash and enjoys all peoples, especially those who want pitty kisses.

And now---the Saint Down! Yes, there are two 11-month old male Saints who the apes took out and they made quite a spectacle of themselves!

They are obviously great with one another, love to play, and love getting people attention.

They are BIG and still growing. It would be totes cool if the could be adopted together.

I might have had my fainting spell just so the ma ape could not bring home these behemoths!. I'm not sayin'. But someone please get these guys SOON!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

SPCA Saturday Preview!

You have been warned.

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