Friday, February 09, 2007

read with caution

Ugh. this story about dog fighting in russia almost ruined my day.

This event was at once open and partly closed. The fans streamed in. But one Western and three Russian journalists were admitted on condition that the sanitarium’s location not be disclosed, out of fear of vandalism or protests by opponents of the fights. In the Caucasus and in Asia, dog owners said, such precautions are not necessary.

In the ring the fight continued. The dogs tugged each other in tight circles by their snouts and then broke free, snarled and attacked again. Sometimes they rose up, pressing for leverage with forepaws while driving forward on hind legs and seeking a purchase for their bared teeth.

Their handlers crouched beside them, shouting encouragement.

One dog, a reddish-tan shepherd’s dog called Sarbai, took an early advantage. He weighed about 135 pounds, at least 30 pounds more than his foe. “Good boy, Sarbai!” his handler shouted. “Bite him well! Work!”

poor russian doggies.

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happy burpday onkel eric!

it's my onkel eric's burpday! the above image is NOT my onkel but he's a big fan of the great apes, being one of the greatest apes himself. february burpdays RULE.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


my granny is a retired microbiologist/current yoga instructor and she sent me think link to a yoga pose that is totally ripped off from me!

this site calls this pose (a variation on downward-facing-dog) the "fire hydrant pose" or "tinkling dog".

here i am doing my regular doga exercise, having perfected this pose a long time ago note my impressive form. i stay in good shape with regular doga practice. tinkling dog is one of my favorite, though i am also partial to "hunchback wally" that is followed by my mawma's yoga pose "the poop bagger."

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countdown to burpdays!

this is just a friendly reminder that there is ONE day until my onkel eric's birthday and TWO weeks to my burpday (not my birthday which is one of the great mysteries of the universe--this is a celebration of the day i picked out my new naked apes). happy burpday TO US.

this photo is a reminder of what i like for gifts, namely, things i can put in my mouth. these include: bones, meat, biscuits, mapples and bananas, cheese, wasabi peas, pizza, cake, squeakies, and so on. all of these are acceptable gifts. i believe my onkel eric may be more discriminating in his gift tastes, mostly he likes things he can read. what a weirdo.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

sunday snacks

i thought i'd share some pictures from the stupor bowl which did not go well in terms of the football but was excellent in gustatory terms there was chili, there was guac, and there were knucklebones!

here i am showing off my gristle munching skills.

my sis and i have perfected our techniques.

here i take a brief break to watch the puppy bowl. the puppies are cute but no corgadors. i have to chew my bone in front of the tv to distract my mawma. i fear her biological clock is ticking and she will bring home puppies.

here i am watching the big game! note on the screen the bears are up by a touchdown 30 seconds into the game. if only they had called it on account of rain right then...

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an empty title

i forgot to mention the GREAT injustice that occurred last friday. you see, every friday before the stupor bowl the city of philadelphia (near my 'hood) hosts the wing bowl, a chicken wing eating competition. a few years ago they even had a riot there when more people showed up than they could fit into the stadium. and also they were drunk. at 6 a.m.

anyway. they held the event EVEN THOUGH my naked apes did not enter me--the odds-on favorite--in the competition:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Professional competitive eater Joey Chestnut devoured a record 182 chicken wings Friday to win his second consecutive Wing Bowl, a gut-busting annual event that draws thousands of revelers to the city's sports complex in the pre-dawn hours.

182? amateur.

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not so intelligent design

i've been very busy reading the new york times. their sunday magazine (which i could not read on sunday because i was too busy tailgating!) had an article about designer dogs that discussed the various pluses and minuses of designer dogs. (plus--even "purebreds" are designer dogs and some genetic diversity may be a plus, minus--people will pay exhorbitant amounts for what is essentially a mutt thus leading unscrupulous breeders to do pretty horrible things). fortunately they did not mention the most perfect possible designed dog--the corgador (ie, ME). i would hate to become the target of kidnapping by deranged astronauts or to have someone try to steal my precious dna (which would have to be replicated by artificial means since i am off the baby-making market if you catch my drift).

the whole article is worth reading, though i was most intrigued by this quote:

Many traditionalists see mixing breeds as somehow irresponsible in and of itself. As one pug breeder with a two-time, No. 1 show bitch to her credit told me: “There was only one really perfect thing on the face of this earth, and he was crucified. To us, the pug is pure.”

is she implying that pugs are jesus? interesting. the pugs i see at the dog park strike me as less than divine (or even son of the divine).

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Monday, February 05, 2007

my kinda place!

the washington state legislature is considering a bill to allow dogs in bars! what a great idea--especially if we get to sit at the bar and order paw-tails and bar snacks (i once ate a whole jar of beer nuts. mmmmmm.) this leaves me with a conundrum--should i move back to seattle or move to scotland where my pal marvin gets to go to the pub? that's a tough one.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

chicago rules! (plus new camera)

first, i should warn you that i have a new, improved camera that takes pictures with 6X the resolution. until you adjust to that much more wally you may not want to look directly at the computer screen lest you be overwhelmed by the power of wally (especially you, studly dudley, i know how you find me irresistible. i don't want you to swoon.)

here i am with my bears balloon! i was promised a jersey but someone reneged on the deal. harumph.

here are some sausages! my chicago onkel eric suggested we have the official food of chicago--sausages! so my mawma got us some. sweet. there are many reasons to root for chicago. 1) it was dog city usa last year 2) it is frequently fat city usa. how great is any city that is both great for dogs AND has great cuisine! go BEARS.

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puppy bowl bloggin

the puppy bowl has begun! i have not yet seen the tailgaiting. that's my favorite part of sports--the part where you sit around and eat and drink. in other words, my regular 9-5.

go puppies! i hope everyone boned up on the players before hand so they can keep score! oh, i slay myself.

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rottenweiler in sheeps clothing

my onkel eric sent me this story about a dog who adopted some sheeps. at least i think that's what it's about. i can't read swedish. the picture is worth gazing at though, eh? i can't tell if he's being sweet or if he has put them into a giant yellow pot to cook them. whatever--well done, rottenweiler!

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