Friday, October 24, 2008

Phor the Phillies!

My bud Joe Stains--who has kindly promoted me to his girl Sophie's special guy while Joe is away from the internets--has embarked on a brave adventure. In order to help his team the Pittsburgh Squealers, he is being nice to his brother to put some Good Karma out there in the universe.

I am testing this as well to help out my Phillies who are tied 1-1 in the WORLD SERIES. So here we are. Snuggling only for the Phillies and for some Brudderly Love Karma and certainly not because we like each other.

Cuz he's a total Doofus. No really.

Go Phillies! (Shhhh...the baby's sleeping.)

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Our House is Bugged

One of my apes sent this to me. Our house is so obviously bugged. Though swap out "Isaac Newton" for "Michel Foucault" and that dude for my ma ape. And also I am not a cat. These are all things meant to mask the fact that this cartoonist is bugging our house to steal my brilliant ideas.

And what is funny about this? Wally to the World: I Told You So will surely be a bestseller.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Play Ball!

Get out your giant pretezels and your water ice because it is time for some BASEBALLLLLLLL! Tonight the "World" Series starts (U.S. + A little bit of Canada= the world, I guess). And guess who is going to win???

It's the Fightin' Phils!

I got plenty of rest.

And I have been practicing blowing raspberries at the Tampa Bay Rays.

And my brudder and I fought over who gets to have batting practice.

Now let's play ball! Go Phillies! (Shout out to my bud Khyra! Stop on by for some pretzels n' beer!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

From the Heartland!

This Saturday was the greaterest! Big Red got adopted AND NOT BY MY APES. (Whew!) And then when they got home there was a package! From my GranNE! It was ostensibly to send the ma ape a pair of shoes but as you can see GranNE had many things to send, most of them for a certain corgador.

There were Husker Christmas ornaments and a Husker handtowel and one...two...three stuffies! My GranNE said a stuffy for each dog but I think she knows. All your stuffies are belong to WALLY. (Yes, Wally is aware of all Internet traditions)

There was even a tee that belonged to my ma ape when she was wee! And Husker Santa. Who is also a snowman. Go figure. And a Canananananandana Goose that HONKED so I bit it at least 200 times in a row. HONKHONK! I think my GranNE was hinting she'd like to move to Cananadana with me.

But my favorite to play with his this BIG headed MONKEY.

Perfect fit!

Great job with the gifts, GranNE! We were so happy we did DOG PILE on the Ma APe!

And then it was time for a little FOOTBALL! It was Hoosers vs Cyclones and those Iowegians didn't stand a chance.
Here I am teaching my brudder how you max and relax during the game. Relax, dude, they got this one!

Hoosker Heaven, GranNE Gifts, and a home for Big Red! What a day, what a day.

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