Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Hot Guide to Staying Cool!

Our temperature today was ONE HUNDRED AND ONE! That is even bigger than ONE HUNDRED. Sohot. So we have put together a guide for staying cool which is important when you are wearing a fur coat and/or a manatee costume like Otis Potus.

First, don't let the heat build-up in your bits and frequently air out your pits and parts. FLYING through the air is the best way to chill out.

Don't neglect to cool out your cheeks.

But don't spend too much time in hot places like you brudder's mouth.

Unless that mouth has been pre-cooled with ISCREAM!

Indeed, cooling your mouth is key so don't use too much saucy language that heats it up.

And eat your IScream!

You can also grow your own cooling devices. As you can see here; here is a WALLYMELON in the WILD! And that wild is our garden!

Wallymelon is a delightful cooling device.

But you must be sure to get it ALL OVER for maximum cooling effect!

These are our tips. If it stays this hot for much longer we are looking into one of these get-ups:

Stay cool, dudes!

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