Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About a Boy

Ethel writes AGAIN!  My brudders were quite mad that I got MY OWN BLOG POST with my OWN THEME SONG.  So I promised them I would make a PHOTO ESSAY about my brudders along with their very own THEME SONG.  Here it goes!

Ethel STILL ROOLS. Boys STILL DROOL (seriously, look at Oscar's froth!)

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ethel Speaks!

If you are a regular reader if this blog you have probably noticed an annoying abundance of dude-itude.  That's because these boys are attention hogs who like to MUG for the camera.

While I, a strong and independent woman, like to hang out by myself, usually at the top of the hill.

So I thought I'd put on some tunes and SMARTEN THIS BLOG UP with a little LADYTUDE.

STICKING MY TONGUE OUT at authority (and bratty brudders.)

Teaching Edgrr how to ROCK OUT, riot grrrl style.

Bonding with MY WUBBA.

And generally proving the maxim, anything boys can do GIRLS ARE DOING BETTER.

As evidence, I'm known as "the good one" IN SPITE of the fact that in the last few weeks I have figured out how to get out the back door and I escaped to find my ma ape AND I stole meats off the counter and ate until I got INDIGESTION in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  GRRRRRRRLS RULE!  BOYS DROOOOOOOL.

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