Saturday, September 26, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Undeserved Accolades Edition)

I have not been posting because my ma ape has been very busy. If she were smart, she would be busy taking pictures of my lovely mug and slathering me with loads of attention. But, no, she has been spending her time with other dogs, with regular SPCA Saturdays and helping out at the SPCA Fun Fair Day where she helped at the photo booth and Wudder Ice booth.

In spite of her generalized neglect of us, the whippet waggle's Patience gave my ma ape an award--WHAT? So I guess I have to pass it along. Here is what Patience gave my ma ape:

It is apparently for being nice to the dogs at the SPCA. I now have to pass along this award and I would like to give it to two peoples. 1) Back to Patience. I know, that's not how awards are supposed to work but Patience spends her life caring for dogs and peoples, usually when they need her the most. So she could not get enough of these awards. 2) One of my favorite peoples, Narra's pops, who currently has seven dogs (+one visitor) at his house! He saved Oscar and passed him on to us and has rescued countless dogs.

So now back to the SPCA! They had a fair day to raise money for their Second Chance Fund for dogs with health issues. I did not get to go even though I wanted to enter the Look Alike Contest with my ma ape.

They brought out some dogs to socialize with the peeps. Here's Beast T. Beefcake!

Here's Mini-Beast, Escobar! He's a wee pup that had funny bow legs like the Beefcake but he's doing really well with physical therapy. And Beast n' Escobar love each other. But Escobar got adopterated! Way to go mini-Beast, now someone get Big Beast.

It's Ty! He's a skateboarding boo-dog who lives with the manager. He was an owner turn-in and now is the SPCA Mascot.

Whoa! Look! It's my bud Tuchuck! He did an agility demo and rocked the house.

And it's Big Blue, aka Jughead. He's a favorite when he goes out because of his serious case of Extreme Handsomeness. As a sufferer from this affliction I understand the burden.

And now some new shelter residents! This is Skyla, a VERY shy pit boo.

Oh! Do you remember this gal? She's Elizabeth, aka Lizzy, aka Dizzy Lizzy. She was adopted about a year and a half ago and could be an Ethel impersonator (in socks)

Unfortunately she came back. Fortunately she's still awesome!

Today she was hanging with this dude, Butch, at the Petsmart waiting for someone to adopt them. Butch is a big ole lab and together, Butch n' Lizzy could be Alternate Universe Wally n' Ethel!

And, obviously, Alternate Universe is an odd place cuz this wouldn't happen in our house.

This is One One-Eyed Pug, Notorious P-U-G. He came in with eye trauma so they took out his eye. He is full of moxie and loves peoples and dogs. And he was adopted not long after he got his picture took!

Oh oh! Pit boo pups!

Both pups were very fond of my ma ape and so I recruited this one to Remind Ma Ape Why Older Dogs Rule.

He found her to be quite tasty.

Oh, and then my ma ape was VICIOUSLY SAVAGED!

By these guys! Ha! That's the result of teeny tiny puppy nails!

And guess who their pops is!??!! It's JUGHEAD! Yup! They are all part of a cruelty case but together they are one big happy family!

Jughead is a patient pops.

With loads of family values.

Like the Pit Boo Puppy Pounce!

And the Pit Boo Puppy Prowl!
Like Pitboo Puppy Piles!

Thanks for the award, Patience plus the Waggle. Maybe now my ma ape will want to give me a little of that attention! I won't even cut her up with my puppy nails and razor teeth!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wally's Wild Weekend!

It was a busy weekend in the Wally household. It was supposed to be the FIRST Hoosker game on the teevee so I got all in my gear, invited over some friends (with human pups! I do love the human pups) and got ready for the game.

And football is great because it always means a great spread of snacks! (Including Vodka, thank you Alice for your blue bottle vodka and your great lawn for napping.) But then the Nebraska game WAS NOT ON so they could show the UW/USC game? WTF!

I was all, who wants to watch UW? They never win nothin'! And I should know cuz I live with UW alumni! And I'm from Washington. But then....

They CRUSHED the University of Spoiled Children! Haha! And it turned out ok because they apes could watch the game on the Internets. And, more importantly, I could eat snacks! (PS Note Ethel has her bone AND Oscar's. Haha!)

We dogaboos were supposed to stay on the porch because my brudder can be MEAN to new peeps and we didn't want him scaring the little human pups (3 years and 7 months).

But I got to come inside because I'm nice and I don't bark (Oscar) or knock people over with enthusiasm (Ethel.) I am listening with rapt attention to my guest Reynolds who used to live in Nebraska and knows all about the Cornhuskers. And he and I shared some HBO words.

Because, as you can see, the refereeing was shocking and appalling.

And, as my sad eyes broadcast, I am saddened by the Huskers' ONE POINT loss. So sad.

Even Oscar was totally bummed.

I could barely contain my sadness. I am snuggling here with a white gorilla (from Grammie) in his Huskers tee.

Oscar and I were so sad we snuggled together. But I gave one of the human pups one of my apes (of the hairy, toy sort, not my naked ape) and felt better because she named him Mr. Boo and will take good care of him. She also less likely to get drool all over him and pull all his stuffing out. All's well that ends well.

Plus, it's hard to stay sad when you're this handsome.

This week there will be no SPCA Saturday because there is an SPCA Saturday AND Sunday. Oh yes, my ma ape is a trollop of the highest order and has only been encouraged in her loose ways by the whippet waggle's Patience who gave her award! So now I have to give her the award on my blog AND show evidence of her straying. I am a cuckolded dog.

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