Saturday, October 10, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Good things come in bunches edition!)

Hello! This is your buddy Jughead bringing you bunches of SPCA Saturday fun.

Oops! Let me get in frame.

That's better. I'm going to tell you about how we have good things in bunches at the SPCA. But first some singleton friends.

Ms. Seven! She makes suds like Mango and she is a sizeable lady.

And Lovely Lizzy still at the SPCA (WTF peeps!)

And here is a beagle n' chihuahua mix, he's fat enough for two so he comes in bunches, too!

Now, bunches! We have bunches of rabbits.

And they eat bunches of vegetables.

And this guy is bunches big!

This is Ross who is part bunny because made does he like to HOP HOP HOP bunches.

And here is Beast T. Beefcake!

With bunches of slobber!
And WTF! Is this OBST at the SPCA?

Nah, this whirling dervish is Champion, an OBST impersonator in socks! (Like Lizzy, Ethel Impersonator in socks! Next week will there be a corgador in socks/??!!!??!?!?!)

He has a tendency to chase his tail and be a bit, er, half cocked. Even more than OBST the original. Someone is in for a treat!

There are bunches of beagles (like 7 of 'em) that are part of a court case:


They were born at the SPCA and since they are part of a cruelty case they have to stay there. Cutie Patooties, I say! (But not as cute as my babies, I must also say.)

And then these jugheads came in with the babies' mama. They all have big heads and butchered ears like me! They are part of the court case, too, which is why it looks like they are in jail which is totally backwards because they are GOOD guys and the BAD GUYS are still out there.

This guy looks like me on a diet! (No thank you, die-t!)

And this guy is a brindle big-head oldie. Handsome!

And from me, here are bunches of smooches.

LinkNow give me bunches of belly rubs!

I hope all the bunches who can go home do and I hope all the court cases wind up with the bad guys in jail and the good guys in new homes getting bunches and bunches of love!

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dogs are Good For You.

The New York Times has a story about how AWESOME dogs are for human health. They have an anecdote about how a child with autism was coaxed into speaking more after he got a dog.

The child health institute is now commissioning stories about how AWESOME dogs are. Duh. Here is a video that illustrates why dogs are so awesome. It is a highly scientific study on dogs that I found on YouTube.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wall-O-Ween Costumes

We have been working on our Wall-O-Ween costumes. Please let us now what you think.

Oscar the Werewolf.

Zombie Wally (this photo has not been altered in any way. I actually made that face.)

And, uh, whatever Ethel is doing here.

Monday, October 05, 2009

What the? Weekend

So my ma ape had a Con For Aunts down in Bawlmer this Saturday so she could not go to the SPCA and I was STOKED because it would mean one weekend without my hussy of a ma ape trolling about town for other dogs. But then she vanished on Sunday and when I looked at her camera I found things that were shocking and appalling.

It's my friend Tuchuck!

LinkHe and his sissy Narra were doing agilities like Mango's bro Dexter! Uh, Narra has asked me not to speak of her experience, though Saturday she got BLUE RIBBONS and that's all I'm going to say. And today it was my ma ape's fault that Tuchuck got distracted by her and almost ran off the course at the beginning! See, ma ape, you are not helping so come home!

But there were more shocking things. Corgis!

And their bunny butts!

Those short leggers can jump!

And maybe even fly. (Show offs!)

OMD! Is that OBST?

No, this dog did what he was told with minimal screaming and carrying on.

This girl--a Belgian Sheppy--looked like Ethel with long locks!

This is Garbo the Boo Mastiff!

This was my ma ape's fave.

He's a MangoDog! A (Slightly Less Than) Relentlessly Huge Mastiff! And when he got flustered doing weave poles he decided to take a moment to compose himself and laid down. Good boy! I don't know how he got so far off the ground but I'm working on a theory of Mastiff Gravity that I'm sure will win me another Nobel Prize.

And look what they found right next to where Narra and Tuchuck were chilling! It's the component parts of a corgador or, as I like to call it, Deconstructed Wally!

And the labby would lick lick lick the corgi's back. Just like Oscar cleans my face and ears for me.

So here are some raspberries to you, ma ape for neglecting ME for this fancy agilities dogs though I might forgive you if you give us more cornish hens for breakfast.

Next week my ma ape will be back to her hussy-like ways AND she's going to decorate for her favorite holiday--Wall-O-Ween--so I'll be neglected again. Woe is Wally.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009


Ethel, Wally, don't fight, dudes. It is obvious I AM THE CUTEST IN THE BIG BED!!

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For your Reconsideration

For my "friends" who thought Ethel was cuter in the Puff Ball Bed I submit the following evidence for your consideration:

That's what I thought.

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