Saturday, August 09, 2008

SPCA Saturday!

It is time for yet another SPCA Day! This time, in honor of the Olympics, we will be distributing medals for this week's winners.

Winning Bronze in the Goofball competition is FOXY ROXY, a pit mix with a big heart and a love of playing.

Taking the silver is TAZER who, in spite of his ridiculous name, is a total sweetheart who LOVES toys and playing and being a GOOFBALL.

But our winner of the gold by a tongue is....REGGIE! the pit mix who is a gorgeous brindle and loves to run, jump, play, wag his tongue, etc. If it moves he likes it.

Easily taking the gold in the best eye makeup competition is BEAR the HUSKY, a gorgeous dude who is on his third trip to the SPCA. :( We can't figure out what is going on because he's a nice dude. Must be defective people.

The silver went to Ms. Sugar who lives up to her name. She likes to relax and pretend to be a lap dog. She's an itty bitty pitty.

And it is time for the medals in BIG HEAD. The greatest category of them all. Meet Samson, a pretty brindle pit who is sweet and loves to play once he gets to know ya. As you can see, he also likes getting his belly rubbed.

Taking silver is Oscar who NEEDS A HOME for his BIG HEAD. He would like to live in my ma ape's lap but it already belongs to WALLY TAMALE. I sometimes rent it out but don't get too comfortable, dude.

But the winner by a jowl is WILLIS, an American Bulldog who has been at the SPCA for a bit, too. That big head is totes sweet, as we big heads tend to be.

BIG HEADS RULE! You can adopt these dogs at the SPCA and I'll give you a gold medal!

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Send Help Please

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Friday, August 08, 2008

The Chillaxympics, Opening Ceremonies!

As many of you may know, Lenny (who has an impeccable human rights record) is hosting the PAWLYMPICS over at his blog and has events EVERY DAY. That is one ambitious wire guy! Some of us, however, live with Lazy Apes. Some of us may have been worried about the mandatory drug tests (I'm not naming names but someone does have some plump lips). I have commiserated with several of my pals who suffer from a similar malady (Apeus Slackus)--Stan Man, Sophie, and Joe Stains (representing the Republic of Gooberstan, The World [cuz she rules it], and the Yankees, respectively). We have decided that we will sit in the stands, drink beers, and heckle! It's going to be a GREAT TIME. I hereby call this the Chillaxympics. Because we are both chilling and relaxing! Anyone else who would like to join us, here is what you must do to celebrate the Dog Days of Summer:

1) Get in the stands and watch the Pawlympics over at Lenny's place! Hoot! Hollar! Heckle!
2) Prepare copious amounts of snacks, get some drinks from the Corgi Lounge!
3) Chill! Relax! Enjoy life!

Here is our team, representing the Dog's Republic of Wallymelon, in the opening ceremonies which involved the ceremonial eating the Frosty Paws and Blueberries and Wallymelon:

Our opening team member, ETHEL the EATER:

She's dainty but can get down to business when she needs to!

Oscar the Obnoxious! Who ate so fast we only got one picture!

And our anchor, WALLY TAMALE!

Often underestimated due to his advanced age he can down the 'paws like no other! You other dogs don't stand a chance when it comes to the Chillaxin'!

If you are participating in the Chillaxympics you may either send me a photo to post OR post one on your blog! Show us all how you are masters of the Chillaxing!

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Paging Dr. Pippa

A few weeks ago my friend Pippa had a poorly tum and suggested a pizza cure. Apply one pizza directly to the mouth. Well, we have needed such a thing.

On Monday my baby brudder Oscar had a poorly tum and it was coming out of both ends. My ma ape spent a lot of time scrubbing on the carpet.

Today it was my turn to be poorly, though I was not nearly as bad as the baby brudder. Just one wee barf. And at least I don't try to eat it like someone I know. Just thinking about his grossness makes me do this.

I am trying to convince my ma ape that we need the Pippa Pizza Cure. And maybe some TastyCakes for good measure to turn our sour tums into solid smiles:

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Some Good Science

Science! has shown that just as yawns are contagious between naked apes, so too do we dogs yawn with you! They say that the yawning indicates that we are capable of empathy but, really, we are just bored by you. You can see video of the yawning dog here.

Here I am nodding off just thinking about how boring you are:

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Great News, Great Apes!

Scientists just discovered 125,000 gorillas in the Congo! They're still endangered but that's great news! I love the hairy apes! Let's have a banana to celebrate!

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Monday, August 04, 2008

The Most Coolest!

Everyone has GOT to go to Lenny's blog! He is hosting the Summer Pawlympics and has done a ton of work putting together the bone relay!

Thanks for letting us be a part of history, Lenny!

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Listen Up, Dogbloggies!

I have noticed some highly disturbing and unsettling trends. Slowly but surely, other dogs have crept onto my blog. I was willing to give up valuable real estate for SPCA Saturdays EVEN THOUGH they resulted in the acquisition of one Doofusified Baby Brudder Oscar Bean. But then we had Occasional Oscar and there were requests for Often Oscar--from MY GIRLFRIEND RANDI. So I take this moment to remind us all of the reason for the season (of the dogblog):

ME! Wally T! I may be missing most of my teeth and my legs. But I am still one jaunty fellow.

I blaze trails.

I check out the corn crop.
I contemplate the meaning of life.

I bask in the unbearable lightness of peemailing.

And, I am the intrepid leader to my baby brudder.

Look, I can get a little jealous of the baby brudder because he is labor intensive and cute and does funny things that are blog worthy. But, the truth is, he looks up to me. He copies things that I do, when I tell him to shut up he runs away, and he cleans my face and my ears for me. So I think I'll keep him.

But it is still OCCASIONAL Oscar. And we will never have EVERYDAY Ethel.

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