Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Eric!

Wally Begs
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yesterday was my uncle eric's birthday. i was too busy napping and forgot to blog this yesterday but i wanted to give him the greatest gift i could think of, me. here i am, being cute as usual. i hope you partied like a dog (meaning lots of naps and gorging).

Monday, February 07, 2005

not so super bowl

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poor beagles didn't win the super bowl-see how sad i am (astute observers will notice i'm wearing my old collar in this picture. shut up.). as a husker fan i am too accustomed to domination on the football field. (astute observers will point out that the huskers did not even post a winning record this year--this first time in my mawma's lifetime PLUS my lifetime. again, shut up.)

i am proud to announce that i was a winner in the snack bowl. i especially enjoyed the artichoke dip. and the baby carrots. since i'm no longer homeless, i go in for the fancy living.

as for the ads, i napped through most of them. i liked the one in which it looked like the guy butchered his girlfriend's cat. hehe. also, i liked the ones with chimps in which you stupid naked apes act all superior to your chimp cousins. most of us in the animal kingdom agree we'd rather spend the day with chimps than you booooring naked apes and your "manners" and "intellect". good grief, look what you do for fun--dress up other animals to look like you? i say, get over yourselves. i'm not sure what either was selling but if it's a cat killing service or chimps with whoopie cushions, i'd buy.

in sum, the super bowl wasn't so bad even if my beagles lost. the city of philly is acting as if they've all lost their grandmaws or something. get over yourselves, it's just football. it's not like it's the huskers, or like we ran out of snacks. let's stay focused on the important things in life. namely, me.