Friday, September 15, 2006

is it saturday night yet?

saturday night. 8 p.m. abc. the mighty nebraska cornhuskers vs. the brand-name condoms of the university of spoiled children. someone's getting husked!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

sid the saviour

i'd like to draw attention to the great work being done by my good friend sid, also a blogger extraordinaire. he's posted some of the finest looking corgi mixes (plus one smokin' heeler/pyr mix) i've ever seen, including this guy. while i 'm partial to corgadors for obvious reasons it's true that great things come in all sorts of packages, and the short-legged and spotted packages are some of the best.

sid also makes mention of the dog revolution (let's hope no naked apes stumble upon our nefarious plans, not that they're smart enough to thwart it!) which is a noble and just cause. soon we will cast off the shackles of naked ape oppression and rise to rid the earth of injustice, suffering, greed, insufficient snacks, and goddamn cats. eh, maybe we'll spare the cats and keep them as our lowly minions. they can bring us more sufficient snacks.

dogs of the world, UNITE! (i accidentally typed "gods" instead of dogs. same diff!)

Monday, September 11, 2006


here's an article from the new york times on breed specific bans, specifically, bans on pit bulls.

Opponents of breed-specific laws say it is difficult to know how many communities have such laws because keeping tabs at the local level can be difficult unless laws are highly publicized. According to the American Kennel Club, last year it tracked 105 communities around the nation where breed-specific legislation was pending, enacted or defeated. The group had tracked another 76 through July. Among the municipalities in the region that have breed-specific laws are Larchmont, Sands Point and Hempstead in New York and Millville and Atlantic City in New Jersey.

Numerous communities across the United States have such laws. One of the most controversial is in Denver, where authorities have euthanized more than 1,000 pit bulls since the reinstatement of a ban on the breed in May 2005. The city’s animal control division had suspended enforcement of the ban in 2004 after the governor signed a bill restricting local governments from outlawing certain breeds. But the city successfully sued, arguing that the bill violated its home-rule authority.

it's a real shame that dogs have to suffer for the sins of some irresponsible owners. if you'd like to read a blog of a smart amstaff girl who seems to have quite nice human roomates, check out lulu's blog. the miss kitty jokes have kept me laughing for days.

my favorite:

Did you hear about the dog who missed Miss Kitty?
He took another punch!

guest res-q

i am in the business of finding my fellow corgadors their homes. but in honor of those who have commented on my previous entry about how am staffs and other bull terriers got the shaft in the 'date bait' article i give you a special guest, hershey the porgi bull terror. he's been on petfinder for awhile which is a mystery to me--how can you resist that big head?