Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The slack jaw, the eyes glazed over in a cheesesteak-induced haze, the air of anticipation? This can mean only one thing....IGGLES FOOTBALL! Yes, this Sunday my Philadelphia Iggles are playing the STOOOOPID New York Giants. I'm so so excited, though I think the Iggles QB Donovan McNabb has captured my feelings best:

I'm going to pop some brewskis in the fridge, grab me some warm soft pretzels, call up my friend Khyra and start rootin' for the Iggles! I'm hoping for an all-PA Super Bowl. IGGLES vs. STILLERS! But before that happens we have to beat this guy:

No, not the President, the guy behind him picking his nose.

And yes, this post was just an excuse to show a the Donovan Dance and Eli Manning picking his nose before shaking the hand of El President (for 12 more days!!!!)


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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Book!

As I mentioned, I gave my ma ape a book of ME for Kiss-mas and I thought I would share some of the pictures that I helped the ape put into the book.

Here's my sissy in triplicate! Nooooooooo! (Pippa, you might enjoy this).

And here I am chasing TUUUUUCHUCK!

Now where's my Pulitzer? A Booker, mayhaps?

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Are you being served?

The NYT has a good story about service animals in this week's Sunday magazine. It's partially about the difficulty presented by non-dog service animals and the use of service animals for non-task oriented duties (like for those with mental rather than physical illness). We heard the journalist who wrote the story on the NPR this weekend (we sound like latte-sipping liberals, eh? SOY latte) and she was talking about Panda, the service horse shown above. He's awesome and does some really amazing things, like his owner can hear changes in terrain from the hooves. And he's housebroken! I would like to trade Oscar for him but the ma ape says that if there is controversy over what naked apes can use service animals it is unlikely that I can have a service pet, especially since I just want to ride him around and be taller than the other dogs and my ma ape says that being vertically challenged does not qualify one for a service animal or else she could have one.

It's a really interesting story and it is pretty remarkable what the animals do for you apes, especially the story of the man with bipolar disorder who has a parrot who helps him regulate his mood.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Pupperazzi at Play

The dang pupperazzi have been stalking me again. Look! Trying to catch me weein' in the backyard!

It distracted them from the news about my brudder's new flourescent volleybally. Major league dorkitude.

And look! The mythic superlong dog resurfaces!

And the battle of the balls begins!

Wait a minute--what are you trying to get a picture of? Get that thing out of here!!

Do I have to go all Sean Penn on your *HBO Word*?

The next scene has been deleted for excess corgador lens licking.

This blog post brought to by a lazy, boring Sunday afternoon.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

SPCA Saturday--dogs who FLY (and are FLY!)

Hello! Do you remember me, BIG RED JR (aka Derrick)? Well this week was the best evah for adoptions at the SPCA and yet I'm still here! (G'bye to Drrrty DE Dexter and Billie Jean!). That's because I was BOOOORN to live at Wally's house, doncha think? Let's meet some of my friends.

I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the skyyyy!

This is Nazz, he's an American boo-dog not a rapper, and he's VERY BIG so it is hard for him to get off the ground to FLY. He's flying under the radar. See his pretty eyes? One blue, one brown. Totally bromance-worthy.

This is Fly Monique/Mom. She had a litter of pups a coupla months ago. Her pups are in foster and she needs a HOME! She's totally sweet and look at her ears! One ear UP, one ear DOWN! Totally romance worthy.

And this crazy dude is ROCKY---AAADRIAAANNN! He's just a wee pit pup.

And this lil' lady named Angel does not fly but she is special because she got thrown out of a car by BIG TIME JERKS. She is very nice and she gets a little more certain every day that no one will hurt her. We're going to teach her how to be a Fly Girl!

Maybe next week I will be gone! And then what will you do? Miss me?

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