Saturday, May 09, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Dirty Mama Edition!)

Hi, my name is Mama. I am one sweet lookin' lady, huh? HOLD THAT THOUGHT! First I have to introduce you to some of my friends on this SPCA Saturday!

This is a new dog in town! He doesn't have a name and he's really really shy but once you're nice to him all he wants to do is sit in your lap and get lovin'.

Oh oh! Here is Cam, he's totally fun! Likes scratches, loves to play. Good guy!

And this is snow. She was one of the Ice Cream Truck dogs. She was found with her sibs in an Ice Cream Truck but it was without Ice Cream! And with pit boo pups! She is deaf and a little shy. She will need a patient new owner.

A--rooooo! Doesn't this guy look like Beast T. Beefcake? Well, Beast T. has an application in for him and this guy is Marmaduke who is like an ever bigger Beefier Beafcake! Arrooooooo!

And here's Hope. Her owner tied her outside in January and then left for a couple of weeks. She was at the SPCA for a LONG time while an owie on her bum healed but now she's ok and really nice.

And this is Shorty who looks like a pit boo/whippet mix (whit bull? a pippet?) She's nice.

And here I am meeting the new guy! He just came in to the SPCA this week and I sure now how to greet 'em! Now, before you scroll down be sure to take all of the kids and puppies out of the room cuz we're going NC-17 on ya!

A roooo! Here I am with my new friend and old friend Ghost!

We are all very friendly!

We will see you next week! Well, maybe we won't because--like Beast T.--maybe we will be adopted! Haroooo! I need a cold shower.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Burpday Delay

Ethel's birthday has been delayed for a rain date (this Saturday.) While Khyra helpfully sent down some brief sunshine (thanks girl!) it is too sloppy outside to play with new toys and too, um, inside to let the peppy sheppys loose with new toys.

In the meantime you can read about how Ethel almost shares a burpday with the WORLD'S OLDEST DOG, a 21-year old wiener!

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Guess who has a BURPDAY TODAY! ME! ETHEL JEAN!!!! I have live with Wally for FOUR YEARS and I am like FIVE OR SIX which makes me IN MY PRIME!

It is raining for the 9,999 day straight which is stinky but Wally told me I get PRESENTS TONIGHT! OH WHAT DO YOU THINK I WILL GET!!!???? Here I am with some of my favorite BALLS! (HINT HINT WALLY!)



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Monday, May 04, 2009

Chillin' Out

Last week it was HOT and I taught you about beating the heat by roaching. Asta and her mom tried it out with mixed results (good for Asta, not as good for her mom) so I thought I would show you an even more effective method! It worked so well that it is chilled out all over here and is not hot in the outside anymore. I call this method ICE CREAM, I SCREAM!

The ma ape blended together some yogurt and peanut butter and bananas. And then she put it in the freezing box.

Sissy was skeptical.

But she gave it a shot and did not regret it. Alas we do not have any pictures of Oscar trying it because he just swallowed them whole. BRAIN FREEZE!

Here is how you do it properly. You scream.



Mmmmm. Ice Cream.

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Rainy Day Saturday PUPPY Edition!)

Helooooo! Beast T. Beefcake reporting for duty for SPCA SATURDAY. This week I was very worried that I would wind up on MAURY POVICH because look at the next two pictures.

Beast T. Beefcake.
Bristol T. Babycakes! She is NOT MY BABY! I am 110% certain! She is a baby pit who got adopted by peoples with kids and Bristol is just a baby and she nom-nomed on the kids so she's back in the shelter.


Oh here's a new friend Ko the Pit Boo with Webbed Feet! OMD so weird!

And Ronya the sweetie peetie pittie.

And this is Pudge who is totes awesome and walks well on leash (i'll have to work with her on wildin' out on the leash like I do!) She sits like a champ but she has skin problems and is allergic to her own bacteria. Poor bebe.

Meet Harley! She may be part boo-dog because she snorts and snuffles!

This is Marlon. We call him Marlon Lucky like the Cornhusker football player.

Dude can levitate! Whoa.

And now SHHHHHHHHH! Be VERY QUIET! Ooops. I shouted. Ok, here are some bit poo pups! Their mama is a big blue pit who is probably part of a court case.


Beastie outie!

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