Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weekend Plans

Everyone wanted to know what my big weekend plans were. While they're not as big as Suki's secret new brotherable but still, busy for me. Here are my plans.


2. BASEBALL! Surprising, I know! I had thought baseball was over because a) my teams were in freefall (and I root for three--Moaners, Cubbies, and Phillies) but suddenly the Cubs are IN the playoffs, and the Phillies are making a run! Oh, and b) I find baseball kind of boring to watch. But here I am in my Phillies bananadanana. And I'm telling the Mets how I feel about 'em.

3. PLAYING! Here I am showing the Phillies how to catch a ball. Maybe not the best technique with a baseball if you want to keep your teeths.

4. LAUGHIN'! Here I am enjoying a good dirty joke my sissy told me. I can't repeat it. There are youngins like Suki Sumo and Mitch and Sparky's new brother reading.

5. WALKIN'! We went on a wee walkabout.

I posed in front of the sunflowerables.

6. And SNACKABLES! I'm using my bananadana as a bib while I eat my boneable.

7. SNAPPING! (Ie, napping.)

The Cornhuskers are not on the telly this week so no one is yelling at the teevee so I can catch 40 winks. Until tonight because the Washington Huskies are playing USC and that's my alma mater (UW, that is). They gave me a PhDog. My ma ape says I should not lie about my academic credentials but what does she know what I was up to while she was in class?

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Coconut News

My good friend Buko (my coconut!) got some bad news today. He has a tumor in his hip that is making him very sick. He is sad, the apes are sad, I am sad. But he's a great guy and deserves to be as happy as a dog can be so I thought I would send him some things to cheer him up:

1) Wally smoocheroonies. (I look a bit stoned here. Let's talk about the value of medicinal marijuana. Medicinal.)

2) A little picture of me at my finest to bring a smile to your face:

Feel better Buko! We are thinking of you (and of your duck jerky. Mmmmmmm.) We love you!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Friday!

It's time for the weekend! It's smiles all around.

I've got some big plans.

And let this face be the one that carries you into your weekend!

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A Tag: What I love about DWB

I got tagged by the girls of The Corgi Lounge to share my five favorite things about Dogs With Blogs. I've been having a hard time with this tag because how do you pick just five?????? But I will try.

1. Red Hot Ladies!

Where else can you go where all the bitches are beautiful, smart and fun???

Including but not limited to The Divine Samantha:

Sophina La Flirtador, she'll steal your heart and your tennis ball:

And the awesome Corgi Lounge girls! It's their world, we're just living in it:

2. Totally Studly Dudes

Oh MAN do I love my Bussie kisses.

And, of course, the Goober Smooches.

And Look! Naked Ike!

3. The Recipe Box!

I love to read about my friends' foodables and then sometimes my ma ape sees recipes and she decides to try 'em out and I get tasty tasty new foodables! Like Nanook (Frosty) Paws, the many foodables of The Dogs of Jackman Ave, the raw stylings of Miss Sunshade and the mad good cookery of Suki's ma.

4. Having vast influence on the English Language.

Thanks to DWB I have learned about roaching. And I, in turn, have led unsuspecting apes to refer to "Wallymelon" in public and have taught dogs the wonders of foodables.

5. Guilt trippin' the ma ape.

I love to hear about how all my friends are being spoiled so that I can show my granny that I am NOT in fact spoiled. I don't get fancy duds like Lorenza.

I am not the only stuffy slayer:

And I don't even get to go to pug playdates like Suki! (I think that one with the tongue is related to my sissy.)

6. This as an extra special bonus reason. In a world where the naked apes have bungled their power and opposable thumbs, it's nice to know that some of them out there are a-ok.

Who should I tag? Hmmm...maybe Bussie, he of the chat organizing, Suki Sumo of the foodables, My Girl Friday Samantha, and my gal up north (of me) Maggie!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Lion Tamer

I live with a ferocious beast. I must match her, fighting ferociousness with ferociousness.

Her madness knows no bounds.

When the beast within her stirs...

There is only one thing that can stop her.

Singing along to ABBA on the iPawd! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Some snacks after midnight!

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Apes On the Run!

My Onkel Eric, an ape AND an ape aficionado, sent me an article about a RACE FOR GORGILLAS with naked apes getting their acts together, cleaning themselves up, putting on gorgilla suits and running through London to raise money for ape conservation.

I love to watch my ma ape on the treadmill. I'm going to insist she train for this race while in a gorgilla suit! It would really do wonders for her looks.

The ONLY cool thing about my ma ape (other than me) is that she has seen REAL apes--gorgillas, not just naked apes--in their native habitat. She should stop being lazy and scan in the photos, huh?

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Cue Taps

The Big Ass is Big no more. He was decapitated, destuffed, and dehonked in an unfortunate wrestling incident Monday night.

Here lie his remains in a dignified heap.

What a friend you were in life, a wonderful pillow in death.

I guess there's only room for one Big Ass in this house.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

By Popular Demand

I would like to take this time to address some questions from my comments section.

Q: Did you stretch your sissy's photo to give her that long lean look (and in doing so, photoshop out her lovehandles, crow's feet, grey hairs, and muffin top).

A: No. She is seriously one skinny, tall chick.

She doesn't need any stinkin' photoshop! Therapy, yes. Remedial education, sure. But physically she's good.

Q: More roaching, please.
A: That's not so much a question. But here you go!

I don't need photoshop, either. Except maybe for that one wonky ear.

But look at this. The face and soul of an artist.

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My Second Wind!

Whew, a little beauty rest and I'm back in business! Look, I can even catch a few Zs while I'm playing. I'm an efficient little dude.

I've been working out.

Doing a little jogging.

Sissy is still all goofy from the weekend.

And is still doing the hustle. She hears the music in her head (I told you she's a little batty).

I'm ready for Asta's burpday cake! Happy Burpday, Asta!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm Too Old for This!

I'm a bit old for all this pawtying with the Girls of Jackman Ave and with Burpday Girl Asta.

A boy needs his beauty rest (look at my bat ears--ha!).

But don't worry. A few naps and I'll be up and pawtying again! Especially because Asta has kept me up to date on the FOODABLE purchasing!

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