Thursday, May 18, 2006

...and you smell like one too.

in what may be related to the previously blogged item that reveals that humans n' chimps may have been closer than previously thought, it appears chimp attacks on their naked ape cousins are on the rise. this raises a question--is it the chimp in you naked apes that makes you the killer ape, or is it just the genetic residue of the killer ape in the chimps that makes them violent? in other words, does chimp violence ape human violence or does human violence ape the chimps?

you look like a monkey...

the latest in human genetics says that proto-humans and proto-chimps knew each other. biblically. if you catch my genetic drift.

According to the new theory, chimps and humans shared a common apelike ancestor much more recently than was thought. Furthermore, when the two emerging species split from each other, it was not a clean break. Some members of the two groups seem to have interbred about 1.2 million years after they first diverged -- before going their separate ways for good.

If this theory proves correct, it will mean modern people are descended from something akin to chimp-human hybrids. That is a new idea, and it challenges the prevailing view that hybrids tend to die out.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

anti-pesto, take two

second run-in with a rabbit today. this time i had him IN my mouth and let him go when he squealed. he bolted out of my yard. my sister was close on his heels (but not out of the yard). it was a close call, nearly killed my vegetable-munching mawma. she is concerned i may not remain a non-violent form of pest control. but i watched wallace & gromit: the curse of the ware-rabbit. those suckers can get BIG. i don't want a big one coming in and stealing my baby carrots, bananas, and wasabi peas.

still, no one got shot in the face. you naked apes sure aren't particularly good sportsmen needing guns to hunt when i can catch my prey with nothing but my wits and my (almost) toothless mouth. seriously, dick cheney you suck. at life and at hunting.

beauty and truth

nothin' to blog, just sharing some good lookin' mugs:

pitch to rozier!

nebraska running back and heisman trophy winner mike rozier was named to the college football hall of fame yesterday. he was a member of the infamous 1983 team including turner gill and irving fryar, the team that lost the national championship going for 2 against miami in the orange bowl. don't talk about it too loud or my onkel eric will cry. he is also the namesake for my sister's favorite game--pitch to rozier!

i'm wearing my hoosker jersey to celebrate.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

corgi art!

sadly, the title of this post does not refer to art made by corgis which would probably be depictions of the world from the vantage point of three inches off the ground. i can only joke about their stumpy legs because i have a set myself. anyway, the shelburne gallery in vermont has an exhibit dedicated to tasha tudor, the infamous author of the corgiville books, a series of children's books populated entirely by corgis and a few other assorted beasties. or, as i like to call it, heaven.

slumber par-tay!

here's my buddy frodo. he's staying at my house while his naked apes look for a new home in toronto (lucky bastards). as a kindly host i am taking pictures of him in compromising positions and posting them on the internet.

i rule, eh? (i'm teaching him canadian)

wally's tunes.

my onkel eric recommended an excellent tune, your adorable beast, a song that could only have been written about me, an adorable beast.

hunting, wally style

this afternoon i had an exciting adventure in hunting. fortunately, no one got shot in the face. it all started when my sister and i (and our house guest, frodo--the dog, named by nerds, not the actual hobbit, not that i'm nerdy enough to know what that is) got let outside for a potty break. my sister immediately takes off, as she does, to patrol the edge of the yard at full speed. she races out lickety-split and finds a rabbit, not uncommon in our neighborhood where the rabbits breed like rabbits. she's part sight hound (probably greyhound) and loves to chase anything that moves so she tears around at full speed, while the rabbit dodges and weaves and evades her. now, i'm part herding dog so i understand something important--angles. it's not how fast or far you run, it's how well you out-think your opponent (in my cases usually other dogs, geese, or ducks), anticipate where they will run, and cut them off. while ethel spazzes her way around the yard, overrunning the rabbit, i immediately take the right angle and pin it between with just inches between me and the fence. then, with rabbit meat close enough for me to taste, i back off, letting him run off with me standing between peter rabbit and ethel, preventing him from becoming dinner. maybe i've been living too long with vegetarians or i'm going soft in my old age. or maybe i've just figured out that a full bowl of dog food is easier. to the smart dog goes the spoils. my dogitarianism (superior to humanitarianism) will surely be rewarded with fine snacks from my vegetarian mawma this evening.