Saturday, July 12, 2008

SPCA Saturday!

So I was not impressed by the Greatest American Dog B.S. As Mango noted-there are no DWB dogs so obviously it is a SHAM of a show. And also the show was mostly about the stupid naked apes and do we really need another show about THEM. Harumph. So here are the dogs that my slattern of a ma ape was hanging out with today. They could be YOUR dogs if you go to the SPCA. Adoption rules!

This crazy dude is Harley who loves snacks and playing with toys and also jumping on your belly with toys and snacks.

This beaut is Bella, a pit mix with gorgeous green eyes. She knows she is hot stuff and is America's Next Top Dog.

Lance got lost on his way to the Tour de France. He is a friendly brindle mix who LOVES this hippo toy and can run like a Tasmanian Devil.

This girl is Chloe who was so shy that my ma ape had to carry her out of the shelter but she relaxes after she gets to know you and likes the occasional ear scritches.

Sky is a spirited shepherd? mix. She likes to go for walks.

This is another Bella but ths one has crazy ears!

Jake the snake likes to play with toys. Like lots.

And look at this one! His name is Lucky and I want to take him to Texas to live with the Brat Pack and then maybe I could get lucky with Sam!

And then look at THIS! A whole passel of puppies! My

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dogs on my TeeVee

There's a charade of a TV show on called America's Greatest Dog. Obviously a charade because I'm sitting at home watching. I guess maybe a corgador transcends the category of dog. And/or it would ruin the suspense.

I'm rooting for this chick Ezzie (on the right):

She reminds me of my buddy Ike which means if there's a peeing on the rug contest, she's ace. That skateboarding bulldog is totes going to win.

But I do have to say--where are the mutts?


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Optical illusion

Look! It's the world's longest dog!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Busy Bees

We have been very busy around here with very unimportant things.

First, my ma ape had to go to the groomer because she was looking pretty mangey. So she went from looking like this:

To looking a little more like this.

Maybe we can furminate her a bit less. And then I had to take care of her because earlier she was futzing around in her garden when STIIIIIIIIIIIIING a big wasp bit her and got STUCK in her HAND. And then it swelled up and she has a big bump. I suggested we may have to put her down but my ma ape said that won't be necessary.

Also my ma ape has been so busy taking care of the high maintenance dogs (ie, NOT me) that the other ape and I decided to give her something to remind her of her priorities. It says "Egoism is the essence of a noble soul."

Yes, a BIGGER than lifesize poster of the Wally T. with a Nietzsche quote at the bottom. Ueberhund in the house!

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Otters Gone Wild!

These little dudes rampaged around Petaluma, CA, dropping by a tavern and an auto parts store:

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

SPCA Saturday!

Saturday was an exciting day, as it always is. But word has apparently gotten out about how my ma ape is such a strumpet because before she could get to the SPCA to see the dogs, a dog found HER! We were walking home from the field and ran into this dude:

You can't tell from the photo but this guy was a CHUNK. He was wandering in our neighborhood so we brought him home and gave him water (and MY SNACKS) and then animal control came to take him to hold him for his owner to come reclaim him. My ma ape kind of hopes that maybe he will find a new home because he looked like he had been living outside and was not getting enough exercise. He was totes nice, though, and was really sweet to the police officer who helped us (Thanks Cop-er!).

But even though my ma ape ALREADY slutted around with another dog she STILL went to the SPCA.

Here's Buddy, a shepherd mix who is friendly and likes to play and kiss my ma ape's face.

Girl has been at the SPCA for a long time and just got healthy enough to move to the adoption side. It looks like someone cropped her ears with scissors (and probably needs to have their bits cut off with scissors). She is really nice in spite of having lived with major jerks.

This is Molly (not Wally) and this picture pretty much sums up her personality. She's goofy and likes to walk and play and get bum rubs. She is awfully fond of snacks.

This Aries who was in rough shape when he came into the SPCA. He has sores all over his head and chest but doesn't let it hold him back. He loves people and LOVES to play with toys.

Flora (aka Flo) looks like a pit/chihuahua mix and she just loves peeps and wags her whole body if you pay attention to her. She likes snacks and bum rubs.

And Big Red (aka Oscar but not our Oscar) is STILL THERE? What is going on??? He is still totally awesome.

These dogs could ALL BE YOURS. Or even just one of them. Visit the SPCA.

P.S. Congrats to Rousseau who is now living with my friends over at Tracing Lucky Skies. Our Oscar stayed in the TLS Hotel for a few nights and learned how to play before moving into our house. You picked a great home, Rousseau!

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