Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pleasant Surprise

We found out from my gramps that the Hoooooskers are on the tv today playing the KState Wildcats! My sissy was a little confused when I asked her if she was ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

I got out my bananadana from GOOOOBERSTAN and tuned to the HOOOSKERS!

And I got my big ape from Sparky to get out some manly aggression out.

GGGRRRRRRRRR! Better not be any Wildcats crossing MY path!!!

This is my look of defiance. We are down but not out. Go HOOOOOSKERS!

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Bon Voyage, Granny & Gramps!

My Granny N for Nebraska is soon going to be Grassy, for Granny in Sweden!

This is the Christmas Goat in Gavle where my Grassy Granny is going. It has its own Wikipedia entry so it must be important, right?

My auntie Ira is going to defend her diss-hurt-ation. I offered to help defend it with my teeth but my granny opted for duty-free liquor instead of me as her carry-on. Remember to cry a lot and Auntie Ira will feed you some pastrami. That's what I did. And also please tell Onkel Eric that I am not spoiled.

So you don't forget me while you're being Grassy, here's some pictures to remember me by. here I am being adorable, using my sissy's bum as a pillow:

And here is one of my best handsome roaching faces.

Have a good trip Granny and Gramps! If you visit I'll EAT a goat which is much cooler (literally and figuratively).

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

More busy-ness

So my ma ape got tickets to see this dude who is coming to her uni.

She is excited. But slightly terrified because watch this video. He and Stephen Colbert appear to be able to see the future:

Uploaded by Drexeldems

And here is a picture of me. I want to remind my ma ape how adorable I am because I don't want my ma ape to try to kidnap Jon Stewart and keep him in the crate as her favorite pet. That's ME! I'm cuter and funnier. And would be a better host of the Oscars.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tongues are Wagging.

I've been quiet lately. I've been working on some important things. Like my tongue callisthenics.

To the right!

To the left!

And con-cen-trate! Over the nose!

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Letter to the Cornhuskers

Dear Huskers,

You all know that I am a football fan. And, in particular, I am a Cornhusker. And here is the face of a disappointed dog.

You lost. And you didn't just lose. You lost 76 to 39. To KANSAS. Now, no offense to Kansas but that is more points than Kansas scored in the entire decade of the 80s against the Huskers! (Ah, I remember it well).

So here is my yell-y coach face.

DUDES! You're embarrassing me! It's quite hard for me to trash talk when you are are stinking worse than my sissy's bum after a meal of pork and beans! So let's GET IT IN GEAR! You have TWO GAMES left. One against some goddamn wildcats and another against the Bail-postin' Buffaloes. WIN ONE FOR THE NIPPER! (I just gave myself that nickname because I nip things to herd them. Get it?)



PS. I'm still available for that coaching job. But don't take too long. I hear the Philadelphia Eagles might be drawing up an offer for me, too.

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Wally's! Wild! Weekend!

One of my apes was out of town this weekend which means we got to cut loose and have some FUN! Like my ma ape's favorite wild and crazy weekend fun--going to bed early! I also played "America's Next Top Wally."

I won.

I played with my sissy. Hey sissy! Put your tongue away!

I have to herd her so she knows what to do.

And I have to give her pointers on the fetching.

Hey! Wait for me!

For fun, pretend that I am running across the field for a warm embrace.


Pucker up, I'm here!

The pictures are kinda fuzzy because it was BRIGHT out. And also, I guess it is hard to operate a Chuckit AND a camera. And poop bags.

My sissy practiced some levitating.

Been caught roachin'!

A close-up of my lovely mug!

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