Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sad Times

We hate to be the bearers of bad news but we lost one of our best friends.  Jackson was our real world friend who lived with our friends over at Lucky Skies. All of us but Otis met him in real life and he was  everything an old dog should be, a happy go lucky old dude happy to watch the kids swirl around him while he just lapped up life.

You know he was tolerant because he took a liking to our brudder Oscar.

A very intense liking!

He even tolerated the Ginger Snap!

And he was good friends with Wally who didn't always take to new dogs.

Just two old dudes just passing the time.

We'll miss you, Jackson, especially our ma ape who thought you were the bee's knees with a big heart and a gentle, socially-awkward soul. 


We can see you now, old friend, shootin' the shit with Wally, complaining about the whippersnappers, and listening to ABBA.    Please visit Jackson's family.  They need some bucking up.