Thursday, June 18, 2009


One of my number one ladies Randi had surgery today to remove some lumps and bumps and while she is waiting for her results we are all going to keep our paws crossed hoping for the best. Yes, it will make our walks and lifting our legs more complicated but we can do it!

Now, Randi had one lump removed from her side that she is a bit self-conscious about.

So I am reposting FRANKENWALLY to show her that all the best dogs are doin' it!

And then I KNOW this will make her feel better!

That's why they call me Nurse Wally! When I get that feelin'/I need corgador healin'!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oscar Bean SUPER TEEN IN THE HOUSE! What is UP, dudes? I had a pretend burpday two weeks ago and next Monday I have my REAL BURPDAY. I will be TWO in my TERRIBLE TWOS and I will finally get to be TERRIBLE all the times! Ok, Wally said I could blog to tell you about NOT TERRIBLE things that I have done since my PRETEND BURPDAY.

So first me n' Wally went to see the v-e-t. Wally had to have his heart checked and the ma ape thought maybe he could teach me VET MANNERS because he acts like an ANGEL to which I say--HE IS NOT. Unless Angels hump their brudders.

See, this is Wally-at-the-vet being angelic. The vet says he looks great FOR HIS AGE which is not surprising since he is 9999999 so just being alive is LOOKING GOOD. Wally sez I'm just jelly because everyone coos over him but I will have him know that the v-e-t said I was a beautiful dog.

We took the NEW CAR and Wally rides in the back seat on the floor and he fits perfectly and he loves it so much he kisses it, see???

And I sit in the WAY BACK. Do you see-a me-a in the Kia?

And at the vet LOOK WHERE THEY PUT US? In the CAT room. Wally sez it is because I am dumb like a cat. I don't get it.

I did not learn manners from Wally but I did learn how to hide under the bench. I don't know how they found me, though!!??

Wally wanted me to show you in his MONKEYCOLLAR that he gets to wear and everyone oohs and aaahs over him and his collar.

And here we are after I got SHOTS and gave them some blood and then Wally gave them blood and pee and Ethel sez we look like we both got into Wally's stash in this picture. It's MEDICAL, man!

OH LOOK! It's a change of scenery! This is Winston who goes to the...DOG PARK. Those of you who are smart have probably figured out that this means I went to the BARK PARK.

When I got there I was freaked out because the park was full of BLONDS like I was in Southern California and I didn't think the ma ape drove THAT fast but then I made friends with Dexter here (who is not Mango's Dexter because that would also be a wrong turn and he looks better in BLACK!)

Me n' Dexter play like a coupla boxers.

And then look who showed up! It was my friend Tuchuck and his sissy Narra (but she was too busy being aloof to take a picture with us.)
Tuchuck is awesome and he likes to play ball and here he is entertaining a Rottenweiler.

Her bum smells good. And in the background there is a Great Dane who showed up later.

See, BRUNETTES have more fun!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Letter to Cats

Dear Cats,

Science told me something. We're smarter than you. Oh, don't feel bad. LOLCats are pretty funny, if sadly reflective of your mental (in)capacity:

The [cats] were tested in three ways, using a single baited string, two parallel strings where only one was baited, and two crossed strings where only one was baited.

The single string test proved no problem, but unlike dogs (which Osthaus has previously tested) no cat consistently chose correctly between two parallel strings. With two crossed strings, one cat always made the wrong choice and others succeeded no more than might be expected by chance.

Osthaus, of Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, said: "This finding is somehow surprising as cats regularly use their paws and claws to pull things towards them during play and hunting. They performed even worse than dogs, which can at least solve the parallel string task."

Much love and pity,

Wally T. Corgador

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Don't Be Mad, MJ!

My friend MJ is like so mad at me for not posting a picture of myself in three days. I understand. I can't go a day without seeing me either.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Fickle Friends Edition!)

Hello! Welcome to this week's SPCA Saturday. My name is Freddy. I'm Wally's ma ape's new favorite. Someone dumb cropped my ears and I'm about 75 pounds of muscle and when you see me you might be afraid but then when you come to my kennel I wiggle like a puppy! And also I give some wicked smooches.

I say the lady is fickle because she has so many favorites. Like Beast T. Beefcake and Bruiser and Heidi. Remember her? She has a very memorable face--har har!

Oh and see here is another favorite. Meet Bruno, a wee pit boo boy. They were a lil' afraid of him because he and his sister Violet are a little wound up in the shelter. But when he got outside he spent the whole time in the lady's lap! Which, I can testify, is indeed comfy.

Ooooh. What a gorge lady. This is Dutchess. An American bulldog? Pit? Great Dane? Whatevs, she shore is purdy. And a little scared.

Here's Cookie with an infectious smile. (Um, that's not literal. She doesn't have herpes or anything.)

And Blue. A new gal!

This dude is so new he doesn't have a name.

Let's call him Roach! (Wally might be familiar with him--har har!)

Oh look! Back to the favorite favorite! You can see why she loves me, right?

Smooch Attack!

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