Saturday, November 13, 2010

More of Us!

No, not more dogs, believe it or not. We can now be found many places on the internets. As a quick way of putting our lovely mugs on the twitter machine and to get more regular posting going we have made a tumblr! You can find us at DOGPOCALYPSE. Because we are the four dogs of the dogpocalypse. Get it? We sometimes post our lovely pictures there when we don't have time for full-blown blogging Magnum Opii.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Tail of Betrayal

These are the times that try dogs' bowls souls. Our ma ape is about to start working on the index of her book (Our suggested title: Four Dogs is Not Nearly Enough). But as we were reading her Facebook wall we discovered she had received an application from this dude:

WHAT!!??!?! It's a cat! Who thinks he is smart because his name is GRAMSCI! And because he has a most refined gardening blog instead of one focused on food, humping, and shark face games. (And who is larger than Edgrr so the Grrr'd better mind his Ps and Qs.) We are most offended that we were not asked!

After all, we are clearly towering intellectuables.

We work hard on our mentals stimulations.

And know a great deal about the business end of apes.

We're reporting this to Human Resources. Clearly an error has been made.

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