Thursday, August 20, 2009

So That Happened

It has been the MOST BUSY week ever. Other than maybe the week when my ma ape had a burpday while she and I drove across the country to move from Seattle to Delawhere. Also, at some point I went crazy. But this busy time I did not. So here's the story of Wally's Very Busy Week. First, my ma ape had a burpday and she is 9 million years old. I got her a GREAT present--beer! Beers with dogs on them are the best.

And another great present--ICE CREAM FOR US! Because the weather decided to get hot just in time for the moverating. So here I am nomming a bit of sweet potato n' molasses cream because I know nothing maes my ma ape happier than watching me be happy.

And then I had to move out of my old stinky house. It was a rental. And it was carpeted and too big. Here we are in the almost empty house. See the funny face I am making. That's to show how gross the old house was.

So we got a new house! Here are peppy sheppys showing they can still wrestle in the new house on the pretty floor.

And here I am on the stairs that I can go down but not up so we got carpet squares for them. That's important so I can get to one of my favorite parts of the day, going to bed.

And here I am being CRAZY! When we got to the new house my brudder's crate was there but the mat was gross so we threw it out and put in my Grammie Blanket. So even though I hateables the crateables I got in so I could have my Grammie Blanket!

And here's our new fridge stocked with beers!

And this is the guest bedroom. We had to make it up because something else happened--my GranNE and Gramps came! And here's the guest bed with the quilt my Great GranNE made for my ma ape! GranNE thinks we're going to tear up and/or pee on the nice quilt. I don't know why she would think we are naughty. Just cuz last time she was here I took everything out of her bag to find the granola bar at the bottom. I was helping unpack!

And here I am with my brudder Oscar on our new rug. We look supes handsome. But Oscar has not been supes nice. He was really mean to my GranNE and Gramps like he was totally guarding the new house and he looks scary with his teeth out. It is stressed out my ma ape and she thinks she needs to do a lot of work with his guarding/stranger issues.

So we made him go for walks with them and gave him lots of snacks and now he knows that GranNE and Gramps are great. See, here is Oscar helping my GranNE do some gardening.

And then I got a NEW BOX with a NEW BED like Joe Stains' Snuggle Ball but probably bigger because I am a big guy. But the bed is REALLY big.

Which turns out to be just right for Wally.

And here is part of the backyard, one of the parts with hostas (and see the screen up there flapping in the wind? Yeah, Oscar did that.) Oh, and what is that in the hostas? Is it Oscas?

No! A corgador in the weeds!

I discovered I can crawl around under the porch like a mole. Awesome!

These are some things that happened. I am going to get some rest so I have plenty of energy to beg for snacks from GranNE and blog some more!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moving Day!

I thought what better day to move than Ran-day??? So I am moving to my new house today! I get very nervous about moving because I don't want to be left behind. Both me and my brudder have been left behind (maybe sissy, too) so we have been sticking together. Like touching even. I am hoping my internets will be right up at the new house but in case it is not DO NOT PANIC. I will be back. Here are some pictures to tide you over.

Roachy Wally in the Old Dirty House:

And here my brudder watches me take a bath! Scandal! (Also mama, keep your hands out of my undercarriage!)

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