Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Word Wednesday


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tragedy Tuesday

Well, this was an unexpected turn of events.  Our ape got out the furminator and she brushed and brushed and brushed Ethel.  And it turns out, underneath the mounds and mounds of fur....NOTHING!

Ed and I bravely combed through the mounds of floof.  Nada.

Alas, poor Ethel, we brushed her (too) well.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Otis Dances For Dollars!

Last weekend was a big weekend for us! It was the Delaware SPCA Open House! They were celebrating their makeover.  About 5 years ago they got new management that increased their adoption rate to almost 90%! Before not so many dogs made it out. And they would be put to sleeps if they 1) were sick or 2) were old  or 3) were pitbulls. I WAS ALL THREE!  Thank you new SPCA!  (That's thanks from the rest of the world who is so stoked to still have me in it, of course!)  

So I put on my money vest and I went to their Open House to Dance for Dollars.

I got lots of love and attentions from the adults and the kids. I took a fiver right out of one lady's hand. I was afraid she was going to try to put it in my g-string.

I raised big monies with my hot sexy bod.

And I met this lady, Priscilla!  I first thought maybe she could be the FLOTUS.

But, um, she was a bit too interested in some bits of me and tried to put babies in me!  Oh my!

We also met this little lady.

She's tuff! She takes candy from babies!

This is Annie, aka Rocks-Anne, she belongs to one of the Animal Control Officers and she is the pet-scot of the Wilmington Blue Rocks baseballs team!  Hubba hubba!

And here is Binks! He's at the SPCA and he's showing off his mad tricks with volunteer Janice who walks dogs all of the times and she especially loves the pibbles who have been there a long time.

I also met Mr. Titan who, like Priscilly, was a bit obsessed with my hind end.  I must have mad pheromones!

Rocks-Anne was especially fond of this cocker spaniel who was not certain what to make of his 8 month old, 80 lb girlfriend.

Do you recognize that equipment from SPCA Saturdays?  Yah, it's in the SPCA yard and they let dogs play off leash.  They did a fine job of teaching those young ladies some agilities!

Naked apes are not the smarterest but you can teach them a few tricks.

When I got most tired (of not eating hot dogs) I went home and Edgrr B. Poopacabra came!  He was proud of himself for not barfing in the car like usual.  Aim high, little dude.

And he met Ray who is a mighty nice feller who has been at the SPCA too long. Ed was not a successful fundraiser as he does not like new peoples and only warmed up when he saw a shepherd in the crowd!  Philanthropy fail.  So he stayed until the end pretending he is a meek, sweet lil' slip of a thing until it was time to go home.

Unfortch, he is a bit of a backseat driver but he safely guided the apes home to watch NEBRASKA BEAT THE WASHINGTON HUSKIES in the footballs (no actual Huskies were harmed in the trouncing by the BIG RED). 

I can't wait for my next chancertunity to do some more charity!  Especially if there are more hot dogs involved.  And if you want to put some bills in my virtual g-string you can donate at the SPCA's website!

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