Monday, January 04, 2010

How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

Since she has been home for the pawlidays, my ma ape has discovered that my sissy has a favorite spot to hang out during the day, in the windowseat! Our neighbor has told my ma ape about it and how my sissy is a most effective alarm system but she had not seen it until recently. See?

My ape does not yet know that we are running a Red Couch District not unlike the Red Light District in Hamsterdam:

We are renting out my sissy by the hour and I am certain that with her long, lithe legs she will be much in demand. She is available for tennis ball fetching, sheppy wrestling, and squirrel chasing. I am confident she will do a better job at any and all of these things than the ladies in the windows. They couldn't even remember to put all their clothes on!

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Busy Bees!

I've been like superbusy. See all these toys I've had to play with! And then the visitors!

My and my brudder have been charming the HECK out of my Onkel Eric.

But obvs he has a favorite.

We have many things in common, me and my Onkel. First is that we are SUPER Husker fans! See me lounging on my Husker blanket?

And we watched the Holiday Bowl in which the Huskers KICKED some Azrizona REAR!

And we love our chow. Here I am with my pig's ear.

And with my ice creams.

And here he is with his mussels.

And me with my muscles.

And also we both love apes and here I am with my new sock monkey from my girlfriend Sam of the Brat Pack. He is a Husker Monkey because he is red. My Onkel Eric thinks he is the most awesome and this is a special message to my Onkel Eric who wants to steal my Husker Monkey--get your paws off my sock monkey you damn dirty ape!

OK, I've got to get bac to napping.

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