Friday, January 06, 2012

A Cracker Dog Crew

We have been lazy about posterating but we are inspired to post something NEW:  MANGOMINSTER 2012!  We have a COLLECTIVE entry for the CRACKER CRITTERS category.  If you read our blog you probably suspect the guilty party is EDGRR who constantly has his chompers out and is always shouting.  Or maybe Oscar Bean, Super Teen who is the screamiest sheppy in town.  NO!  We have a secret cracker dog in our house: OTIS T. POTUS.  You might thing: he is too old to be a crackerdog.  You would be wrong.  We submit for your pleasure a short video with evidence. While Otis may not have the speed, agilities, or jumping abilities of other cracker dogs, what he does have is dogged determination in the face of resistance. BEHOLD!

As you can see, Otis is the leader of a crackerdog crew, master of ignoring the ma ape, doing what he wants, and nommin' on what he pleases!

For an old man, Otis holds his own at SHARKFACE.

And he likes to get into bed and steal the pillows (and all the space.) Otis is entering this category to represent for the OLDS who can still be cracker dogs!

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