Saturday, October 18, 2008

SPCA Saturday! Brought to you by....

Hey! This week's SPCA Saturday will NOT be brought to you by Big Red.

Because BIG RED does not live at the SPCA anymore! Aroooooooooooooooo! It was a great week at the SPCA and Patrick, Pearl (Oscar's doppleganger), and Cliffy all went home. This week meet....

Lil' Red! The corgi mix extraordinaire! (Please tell my ma ape that she may not bring home this 8 year old corgi mix just because last time she brought home an 8 year old corgi mix it was ME!)

What is up bloggy doggies???? They call me lil' Red even thought I am BIG RED! I am sassy and stout. Meet my friends!

This is Val! She was getting adopted (we hope!). She's totally nice and is just waiting on her home check.

This lady is Don Knotts. That's not her real name which is actually Schotzie but Don Knotts is funnier! She's an older lady with BIG eyes who loves walking and being friendly.

Booooooooooonnnnniiiieee! This LOVELY lady has legs of the perfect length. She's a BassetBeagle and is totally a sweetheart. She is very shy but gets attached quickly and almost wiggled her way into MY NEW HOME by crying every time she saw MY MA APE.

Whoa! Foxy can FLY.

This is MojoJojo. (His real name is Jojo. What can I say? I like nicknames!)

Mojojojo likes to show off his mojo.

And Sweetie Petey! He likes to crawl in your lap. And nibble a bit on yer neck.

Oh look! It's a BIG RED. I can't wait to move into Wally's house and start some serious bossing around! See ya all soon!!!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oscar's Day Out (No Pun Intended)

Let me apologize in advance for what is about to happen. I am quite busy calling ladies in Ohio to ask them to vote for my future adoptive grandfather, Barack Obama, who is father to my future moms, Malia and Sasha.

Last weekend Oscar was out at the Fun Day at the Bark Park. So I decided to let him do an occasional oscar about his experiences. My apologies.

Yo DUDES! It's Occasional Oscar! Oh I'm so excited. Look I'm practicing my Elvis face. Thankyouthankyouverymuch.

There was a partay at the Bark Park and I was invited! I saw my bestie friends including my main man Jackson! Look my friend Narra got checked out by a little dude like Wally! She really knows how to reel in the short-leggers!

The first thing I did was give a big welcome hug to my Special Friend Bear! Gimme a kiss!

Our relationship is a little topsy-turvy. WHAAAAAAAA!

And then we met a really little dude! He was dressed as a cowboy--duuuuuuuuude! Get it?

And sometimes I get in trouble because whenever I meet a new dog I do teeth bared scary face.

But my ma ape thinks it is more scary to peoples than to dogs because this guy is laughing at me.

He might have heard me earlier when I screamed when I got more than 2 feet away from my ma ape or maybe he saw me doing I'm Scared Tail:

I can't help it if my butt smells real good and I don't share it with just anyone. Jeez.

Later that other dude showed me his belly. That Boxer Dude is named Guinness like the beers and not Peanut like my brudder's BFF. But wouldn't Peanuts and Guinness be good? Nomnom.

Can you see my bananananadana? It is a donkey but it's not because I'm an ass. (Nice try Wally). It's because I was reminding all the dogs to vote.

Wally says the Bark Park is not a Swing State but I do plenty of Swinging while I am there!

That's Occasional Oscar. Thankyou. Thankyouverymuch.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Most Important Pawlitical Ad of the Season

I saw this ad and I thought you should probably see it. Snoop Wally dooo--ooooo----ooog!


The Tail of the Pink Monkey

A few weeks ago I got a box of monkeys from my Grammie. Ok, monkeys and apes (for my onkel eric who like to keep his monkey distinct from his apes). Meet the simian who has risen above the rest, the Pink Monkey.

The Pink Monkey has seen better days. He is missing his tail, an eye, an arm, and his belly button.

Who is responsible for this carnage? Could these hooligans be involved?

The Oscar Bean, Super Teen disagrees vigorously:

So vigorously, indeed, that if he had any brain they would be scrambled like an egg. No, here is the truth. The Pink Monkey is a victim of brotherly love. Ordinarily I do not share my stuffies. Indeed, I prefer to disembowel alone, and I maintain my solitary stuffitude with great vigilance with what the ma ape calls "first class bastardy." Namely, I show my teeth and give a growl worthy of a tiger.

But I let my baby brudder play tug with me over the Pink Monkey.

And thus I contemplate the power of the pink monkey, able to bring together two brothers in a bond over ripping a stuffy limb from limb. Could we have discovered the secret to world peace? Or just good way to spend a Saturday morning?

Behold, the pink monkey.

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