Saturday, March 01, 2008

In the Doghouse with the Shermanator

I'm in really big trouble with my buddy Sherman, my BFF and one of my oldest bromances. See, in my last post I promised smooches with a few in reserve for some of my hottie girlfriends and my special gents. But I forgot Sherman. Oh man did I hear it from him! But I have a reputation to uphold in terms of my milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard so I've gotta really turn on the Wally charms here to win back my Sherms. So everyone else avert your eyes, this involves groveling.

See, Sherman, I'm begging:

On my knees even.

I'm ready to give you that smooch--eyes closed, mouth open.

(That means with tongue, dude).

And, if you need more enticement, a little centerfold shot:

And my best side.

Sherman, chicken backs just wouldn't be the same without you. I mean, I'd still eat 'em and all but they wouldn't taste as good.

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The Silence of the Wally

I am very busy right now. I am working on the Presidential campaign of a great individual who will change America and bring hope to us all. More on that later. (It will be awesome, seriously). Also there is news on the Pus Butt front including further evidence of Sissy Ethel's doofusism.

I also have been giggling at these song charts.

Whoever guesses what songs these are get the greatest gift of all. No, not a Nintendo Wii, a little lip action from the Wally Tamale.

All unused smoocheroonies will go to Samantha, Sophie, Randi, the Corgi Girls, Stan and Buster.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Dance (a photo essay)

An Existential Question:

Who is leading?


Who is following?

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Monday, February 25, 2008

More Burpday!

My burpday is like my sissy with a tennis ball--it just won't stop! Look at what ELSE I got. A little Frenchie Love:

And my friends in the Brat Pack (including hunka hunka burnin' love Samantha!) sent me this!

This is Lil' Red, one of the dogs rescued from the Vick compound and living at the Best Friends Sanctuary. The Happy Hounds sponsored her for me. I know they picked her because I am a Big Red fan and now I am a Lil Red fan, too! I hope her years of happiness at her new home erase the years of sadness. What a great gift, guys! Lean in close for a little thank you:


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Burpday Weekend Extravaganza!

Hey dudes! I've been so busy partying all weekend that I didn't have time to post OR chat. Here are some of the Really Important things I've been doing.

I've had some ice cream (suggestion from Maggie!)

And someone stole our snow which made it less fun in the outside and more muddy. But my sissy and I got to go for walks. See my sissy with the tennis ball my Granny brought her? My sissy should be a spokesdog for Hyperdog!

And someone was in our usual field but we got to go to a different one (do you recognize it, Granny? That's the one by the arboretum that we went for a walk in).

I closed my eyes and pretended I was running towards one of my best girls. Maybe Randi since it IS Randay!

But when I opened my eyes it was just my ma ape. Disappointing, but I tackled her anyway.

And then some good old fashioned ROACHIN!

And then look! We found a GIANT pooper scooper! (Don't I look like Moco in this picture? Be careful, Moco, I might Single White Female you so I can live with Gramme!)

And then the other ape came to pick us up and take us home in the Volvo. We were nice and decorated the back with some lovely muddy pawprints!

My burpday extravaganza only lasts for a few more hours but then it is time to gear up for Joeypalooza!

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