Thursday, April 09, 2009


The NYT is covering a trend I have long been hip to--DOGA! The article is entitled "Bonding with their Downward Facing Humans." I prefer to do my doga in the out of doors. There I am doing Doga at Dawn.

And here I am meditating:

Catch up with the corgador, NYT "Style" section!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lawn & Order: Stuffy Victims Unit

We have yet another crime on our hands. Disemboweled bovine (also random alien stuffy arm.):

The evidence speaks for itself.

It doesn't look good for the corgador.

But grainy surveillance video has surfaced suggesting a frame-up:

Is it a conspiracy or are they merely allowing Wally to take the fall?

Free Wally!

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Goodnight, Giacomino


We were very sad to learn that the Very Old Dog in residence at Patience's blog has passed away. The video for him is a great tribute to a wonderful dog who has live a long and happy life, spreading cheer as he went! I encourage you to watch the video, and give hugs to Patience and Bill and to your those around you. Cuz that's what Patience says--hug your hounds. Best advice in the world.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Easter Sunday

Every since my ma ape told me about the Easter Bunny--a Bunny with baskets filled with eggs and snackables -- have been looking forward to Easter. I will catch that bunny, sez I!

So I got up at the CRACK of dawn to lie in wait.

I'm old and not disposed to long chases so I needed a plan to lure him in closer. I thought maybe I would disguise myself as a bunny, eat some rabbit food and he'll let down his guard and wander into my path.

See my sweet bunny face?

But then I ate too much and things went horribly wrong.

Unsuccessful. But don't worry, I've been coming up with a plan for next year.

Next year I'll feed him MY Sunday morning breakfast!

I'll have that rabbit stew yet....

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

SPCA SUNDAY! (Old folks edition)

Everyone loves them some pups and sometimes they overlook the older folks. My rescue thought I was a lifer--I was 8 years old and a bit poorly when I picked out my ape. So my bud Jackson, also an older gentleman, asked his ape to make this video for Malachai and Nina. They are two shar-pei (mixes, probably) who were seized from a home where they had been living without electricity and they were in poor health (along with some other sharpies.) They've been at the SPCA for a long time now and they're very sweet. They are also bonded and they share a run, love to go outside together (they're housebroken and don't like to go in their run!) and they don't want to be separated. Shar-pei rescue came and took their son (!)Warf but they're still there. So if you know anyone who has been wanting some very low maintenance dogs with great personalities who just want a retirement home OR if you know a rescue that might take them in please contact the SPCA. They really are a sweet love story that melts even my cold heart!

Thank you, Jackson and his ape for looking out for us older, more mature folks. Some things DO get better with age! (Too bad our apes don't!)

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