Saturday, October 09, 2010


Guess who is having a BURPDAY!??!? It is our GRAN-NE! That's her on the left. She's with Gramps and their first dogs BAD and WORSE. She has always been a good friend to dogs so we wanted to make a post just for her! Plus, what would her birthday be without greetings from her favorite furry grandchildren? Our GranNE is a connesieur of many things including being an expert yogatician. Here she is showing her mad balancing skills last summer when she visited us and forgave OBST for being a jerk at first.

We did a good job supervising! (Look, Wally is helping!)

I am ready for you to come visit and lead a Doga class. I am already quite good at Dead Bug and the Corpse Pose as you can see!

Our GranNE is also a MASTER GARDENER! Here is her Toad Lily! (We didn't even know toads grew on bushes!)

We know our GranNE loves hostas so here I am picking one for her! Oh I am so sweet.

She also enjoys occasionally sampling Belgian Ales such as these!

And here is a beautiful Belgian Shepherd!

And here is Otis's Drunken Hippo face!

Have a FANTASTIC burpday GranNE! We hope you have the wonderful burpday you deserve, even if you can't be with us.

ETA! We forgot your musical accompaniment!

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wall-O-Ween Preparations

The holiest day of the year in our house is fast approaching! Wall-O-Ween! No, we are not witches. (Nor are we Christine O'Donnell). We just like dressing up in costumes and getting candy! I have been working hard on my costume and this morning I tried on my mask. Watch!

Here I am being my usual handsome self. Nice teeths and wicked sweet smile, eh?

Oooh, snaggle the teeth a bit, squish the eyes.

OK, slack the jaw and wonk that eye!'s Igor from Young Frankenstein!

And who will be the lumbering, awkward, moaning monster???

Now to work on his dance moves:

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Earning Our B.S. Degree

When Dr. Wally T. Corgador, Ph.D. passed we lost our most edumacated pack member. A learn-ed fellow, Dr. Wally was an expert in all things. He has inspired us to pursue higher education. Ethel and I thought that maybe if we put our heads together we could earn a B.S. degree. So, in pursuit of our B.S. we are working on a Senior Thesis about the most substantial senior in our house--Otis T. Potus. We have decided to investigate the curious origins of the Potus.

As his actual origins are shrouded in mystery we decided to do some biological forensics comparing Otis to some of his possible relatives, determined via a careful examination of the Potus's girthy physique. Specimen #1:

Behold, the elephant seal! A gutsy fellow like our Potus, both enjoy partaking of fishy dinners and then resting on their rotund belles for some quality baking in the sun.

But the Elephant Seal lacks stripeys and Otis is unlikely to be a seafaring fellow. So our next line of inquiry. HIPPO! Specimen #2:

Large-headed beasts with British teeth who love vegetables and have breath that could knock you over!

Our vet even calls Otis the Happy Hippo! Perhaps he has already made a species identification??? But where are the stripes? We need to do further investigation into a theory that Jessica the Hippo, who has appeared on this blog before, may have gotten overly friendly with the bull terriers she lives with.

Could he be a HippOtis?

This is a promising line of inquiry. However, our funding which consists of stealing dollars out of the ma ape's wallet (no lie. Otis stole one and ate it once) has run out and we have resorted to doing field research in our own home. Could we find clues as to the Otis Family Tree? Well, our ma ape came home with a very curious stuffy recently. Specimen #3:

What the? We know--it is a stripey, chubby, cropped eared, unidentifiable thingy that grunts when you squeeze him.

There is a resemblance. Is there a strange land somewhere where Otis is their god and they are now producing idols in his image? (He's a vain god who hath commanded "Thou shalt worship false idols in my image, lo that they may have honkers in thy bellies.") But we also found, sitting atop Otis's crate! Specimen #4:

A boo dog and a pig? Could Otis be a pitlet?

A family reunion of sorts? They do appear to replicate Otis's level of activity.

While Otis bears eerie resemblance to many things portly, weird, snorfly, perpetually hungry, stinky, and block-headed we were able to draw one indisputable scienterrific conclusion. Otis is a one of a kind beast who cannot be replicated. He would still like to be worshiped as a god, though. We hearby claim discovery of the unique species Otisii Potusii.

Can we have our degree now, plz? We are in our graduation robes!

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