Saturday, November 08, 2008

SPCA Saturday (Beaglepalooza edition!)

Sniff sniff. Hey--you're stinky! Remember me? I'm MIIIIIIIIIILOOOOOOOOOO! You met me and my brudder Otis last week. Guess what? My brudder Otis is OUTIE 5000 G! He got adopted and left me behind. JERK. So I'm gonna do SPCA Saturday because I acted all timid and afraid and smoochywith the lady who visited us And also remember last week's narrator Jojo the Labby mix? He got adopted! Everyone goes but ME. Though doing SPCA Saturday seems to get everyone adopted so maybe it will work for me, MIIIIILLOOOOOO!

First, a non-beagle. This here is JACKSON. He looks like a sheppy/pitty pix and he is a WILDMAN. He's just a baby. Maybe 2-3 months? Oh what a guy. He loves to play tug and needs to learn some manners but cut him some slack. He's just a kid.

This lovely lady looks like a Boston but she's a pitty, too! And she is STRONG and STOUT. And totally sweet.

This is Warf. He's a Shar-pei who is a little shy and scared. Nuttin' wrong with that! There's about five shar-peis at the SPCA from a breeder who was not so much responsible. PHHHHBT. That's beagleberries to you, mister!

And who is this? Well, thus begins BEAGLEPALOOZA! Here's a beagle/blue tick hound mix named DAISY who is a totes sweetheart and just wants someone to rub her bum and tell her how pretty she is.

Oh look! Hey that looks like a beagle! But look carefully--four ears, eight legs, two tails! No, not siamese twins--it's beagle power!

Meet Betsy (left) and Whaley (right), a pair of beagle siblings who are totally fun and sweet and gorgeous. Cuz, ya know, they're BEAGLES.

They're sibs and they do love to play.

Here's Whaley n' Betsy in stalkin' mode. They love each other so much that it would be totes awesome if they got adopted together.

Oh and this handsome feller is ME! Milo! I am trying very hard to get adopted by acting super sad and then giving a bunch of kisses to the picture lady. All I got were these lousy snacks! OK, they weren't lousy but I'd rather have a HOME!

Am I not deliciously cute? Come join in the Beaglepalooza and ADOPT ALL OF US, k?

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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Wally has been really busy angling for a position in the new White House over at his pawlitical blog so it is time for OCCASIONAL OSCAR!

No I haven't lost all my color! That's my bud Ricky!

Do you remember Rick and Ilsa? My apes met them at the SPCA and they immediately called His High Doginess, the Patron saint of Shepherds, who took them in as fosters! They came to the parkerino and we got to play play play! But it was sad because it was the first and only time.

CUZ THEY GOT A NEW HOME! Rock on Rick and Ilsa!

I got to see other old friends too like BEAR! Who's afraid of bears? Ok, me.

Look at our big dogpile! There were greyhounds in coats!

And running running running!

Wally just told me to FOCUS. Ok. This is my Great Dane puppy friend. He is six months old--haha! Soon he will be big and scare me! But he's a puppy and afraid of me right now!

And these are my NEW friends.

We're the fastest dudes in TOWN.

Look at us go!

And this is like my new best friend Casey who rassles with me like I do with my sissy.

And she doesn't even mind my scary teeths!

Probably because she saw me running away from this dude with my tail between my legs. Dude--Spuds MacKenzie is tuff!

Many congratulations to Rick and Ilsa who are going to their NEW HOME on Saturday. If you want to see us in motion you can visit my buds' website to watch the movie tribute to the twins!
And that song is like totally my new theme. "IliketomoveitmoveitIliketomoveitmoveit." Should I give Wally back his blog? MAYBE NOT!

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Did you?