Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

Last night we stayed up LATE to watch our Cornhuskers lose to the Huskies. Well, if they had to lose at least they lost to some dogs. (Apparently our ape went to their school. And she's still a bit thick, needs more clicker training.) It made us think that at this time last year we watched the SAME game (but the Huskers won), we were under 800 feet of snow, and we were getting ready to welcome in the new year with our Auntie Ira and Onkel Eric! How much has changed since then. We lost our Gramps and our Wally. These were not the best of times.

But we were found by....

One Otis.

And one Edgrr. And our ma ape got to meet so many of her DWB friends in July, she got to see our GranNE and our Onkel Eric for more than she has for the last decade combined, our bestie helped take care of us and still talks to us! So it was not our favorite year but it could have been worse. This year may we all make new friends, keep the old, and appreciate every minute with them!

And here's Wally's bit of advice for tackling the new year, there's no problem so big we can't...


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Super Heroes!

Well hello! It's Edgrr, finally getting my go at the old blog-a-dog.

Shake out the cobwebs cuz it is finally time for some excitement in these parts. Enough with those oldy boring dogs, let's have a good ole time with the youngins. Me and my brudder OBST are just kids and we kids love our comic books like FATMAN AND ROBIN! So I convinced Otis to dress up with me and play CRIMEFIGHTERS!


Uh-oh. Fatman got distracted by the sno cones again.

That means that I will have to take on the forces of eeeevil by myself! Behold! The Double-Headed Beast!

Let me learn from BATMAN!



ROBIN SAVES THE DAY! I love being a superhero! Emphasis on SUPER!

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow happens!


Some dogs are enjoying it...

...more than others.

Even with his winter finery on, Otis the Potus did not enjoy the winter chill. But the rest of us think it is time to PARTY HEARTY! So crank up the tunes and watch us PLAY!

Wet nose and yellow snow! Let's do this thing!

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