Saturday, October 28, 2006

silly sisters

this is my sister ethel sleeping. she never quite gets herself on the bed, just in its general proximity. she's a flopper. don't tell her i take pictures of her while she sleeps. she's embarassed cuz she drools.

ways to waste time on the internets

you can check out this site to find out how popular your name has been historically. it gives you a graph of the number of babies given your name in any given year. apparently there are no babies named "studley dudley" you are one of a kind, studley.

wally was most popular in the 1940s (i'm a new deal dog!) and is very unpopular after 1970. probably because no wally could possibly live up to me.

my sister ethel's name peaked in the 1890s! she's an old fashioned kind of girl.

Friday, October 27, 2006

guest rescue

while finding homes for all corgadors is my true mission in life, i find room in my heart and on my blog for other worthy dogs (and, frankly, i have yet to find a dog who isn't worthy). so i give you stan the man, a dogue de bordeaux.

i admit he caught my attention because we share the same big head and old man face. it's a winning combo. seriously, i'm a real chick magnet.

so someone go and get stan!

the 12th man

smokey, the mascot of the university of tennessee, is bitin' mad! he is accused of biting an alabama player after the rude bastard fell on him in warm-ups:

Crimson Tide receiver Mike McCoy fell on the 3-year-old dog during pre-game warmups after jumping for an out of bounds, near where Smokey was standing with the cheerleaders.

What the dog did next is up for some debate. Alabama coach Mike Shula says Smokey bit the player.

Smokey's owner says he didn't. As for Smokey, he only howls. [...]

The Vols travel to South Carolina on Saturday, and Smokey remains on the travel roster.

Smokey was taking it easy Wednesday. After a walk with Hudson, Smokey was curled up in his favorite recliner, maybe even dreaming about the big game.

i'm no fan of ut but i wouldn't blame smokey for biting a damn crimson tide (what kind of a mascot is that anyway) but i'm not sure he did it. the tide can be a bit whiny, like when they boo the ut coach for having turned them for cheating. when they were, in fact, cheating. nice.

just a reminder, the last time tennessee and nebraska played the hooskers whooped up on 'em 42-17. i hear smokey tried to sneak onto the huskers' team bus. i can't blame him

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

more adoption-worthy guys

heinz is supposedly a rottenorgi but i think he's totally hot. and he is at a rescue called "planned pethood" in ohio. what a great name!


in the spirit of the upcoming holiday i thought i would post this spooooooooooooooky picture of me (click to enlarge for full effect). no alterations have been made to this photo.

a movie review by wally

i'm generally not a fan of the naked ape movies, nor have i actually seen this one, but i'd like to recommend the queen, a new movie about the queen of england. i understand it is somewhat snotty about the goddamn british (which, as a partially welsh guy I wholly support) and, more importantly, it stars CORGIS! i understand there's some dame helen mirren who does a good queen and james cromwell, who did a fine job in another of my favorite movies, babe. but i hear the corgis are the front-runners in oscar contention. i hear in the credits scene they show one guy pee on the royal hedges. and for that he deserves best actor, i think.

dog saves the day. again.

ozzie, this lovely fellow from new jersey saved his owner during a hit and run accident:

(CBS 3) GLENOLDEN, N.J. Man's best friend may have been a life-saver for a Delaware county man and now he is hoping he can return the favor. Dave Tillman and Ozzie, his Airedale Terrier, were out for their nightly walk on Chester Pike in Glenolden on Friday when a car came from behind them and hit them both. "The next thing I know, I was over on the hill holding my dog, who was yelling and crying," said Tillman, adding, "He hit my legs and knocked me out of the way."

you can read the rest of the story here and see lovely video of ol' ozzie (who just had surgery on his hip). gosh we're great.

Monday, October 23, 2006

the great escape.

here my sister and i are trying to make a great escape to drive ourselves to the grocery store to buy ourselves a decent dinner (t-bones for all!). our plan failed because 1) ethel was not a good watchdog because she watched me instead of watching for approaching naked apes and 2) my legs are too short to reach the pedals. foiled again.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

another day at the park

another weekend, another trip to the bark park (which i am retired from due to some grumpy old man issues, but my sister gets to play with the other dogs. i get to walk and eat snacks. who has the better deal?) here i am playing obedience. look how good i do "come!" at least when you're holding a snack and i have nothing better to do.

watch me chase the geese! i picked this one out because he appeared to be somewhat lame (he couldn't walk and he was a dork). unfortunately, this does not affect their flying skills and he got away to the lake.

here i am with my new friend, the horse. i like him because he is an herbivore and is no threat to my bevo sticks and because he makes large and interesting piles of poo for me to smell. those are good traits for a friend to have.

look out longhorns!

i was SO MAD when texas beat my favorite team, the hooskers, on a last minute field goal. stink-y. i was so mad i had to go out and buy me some beef products to eat, keeping in mind that the longhorn's mascot, bevo, died just over a week ago. that's bevo xiii on the bottom there.

that's a picture of me on the top, chewing on my favorite beefy snack, the bully stick, made from the unmentionables of cattles, henceforth to be named "bevo sticks." i hope to provide a postive role model for the hooskers in terms of what we do with longhorns--we chew 'em up and we poop 'em out!