Friday, February 26, 2010

SPCA Saturdaaaaay (Handsome Headshots Edition)

Oscar and I have been FIGHTING over WHO gets SPCA Saturday. GUESS WHO WON?

First we have some old friends to check in on:

Brutus! He is a pittie/basset mix who was ADOPTED.

And boars! And not even the same kind of bore as our ape. HAHAHAHAHAHA. They are keepin' on keepin' on. Now the new guys who get head shots!

Box the Redheaded Chow!

Yo Dottie Dottie!

And Wee Martin.

Ms. Sela


And Fatty, who has since been adopteratered.

And if a guy with a mug only a mudder could love got adopted THEY ALL SHOULD.

Ethel Jean, Blogging Queen

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Monday, February 22, 2010

A birthday

Today would be Wally's 7th burpday (7 years since he got adopterated) so we went back into the home movie vaults and found some oldies but goodies. If SOMEONE was less lazy she would edit them together and put them to one of Wally's favorite ABBA tunes but instead we present to you some of Wally's favorite things.




Sheppy Wrangling


We will do our best to party as hard as you did, little man.

Dancing to Wallyloo!

--Peppy Sheppys in the House!

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