Saturday, December 05, 2009

Chompionship Time!

We are preparing for some chompionship football. There's a blanket of snow on the ground, dogs have been walked and fed.

And a special Husker Pie has been baked.


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Friday, December 04, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

I am behind on SPCA Saturdays. I have many things to tell you about my exciting week(s). But my blog has been uncharacteristically quiet. I can neither confirm nor deny that this postcard from Nebraska seen below, which appears to be from my Gramps, was actually a secretly coded message from NU coach Bo Pelini asking me to come and help the Huskers prepare for their BIGGEST game of the year against the Texas Longhorns in the Big 12 CHOMPIONSHIP.

I can also neither confirm nor deny that I have been teaching them the fine art of nomming Longhorn bones. We must chomp as chompions do.

I can report that all attempts to get all three dogs in the frame for our holiday card....

Has thus far been a great failure.

I can also confirm that in my superduper secret coaching of the Huskers my brudder has been entirely unhelpful as no matter how many times I insisted that "biting in the eye" is not permitted in the rule book he felt the need to demonstrate it.

Ooops. I mean in my ALLEGED superduper secret coaching.

More soon.

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