Saturday, August 01, 2009

Goodnight, my friend

DWB has lost a great. Charlie was a founder of DWB, cyborg dog with a bionic heart, and an all around great guy. He took great care of his people so we will all have to send hugs to take care of Brooke and Greg.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dog Days

I know that SOMEONE has really been dropping the ball with the blogging. It is really shameful. So I have many things to catch you up on.

First, the weather has taken a turn for the hot and muggy which does not please the corgador. Here I am having to take a rest break on the walk home from the field. These people have Florida Gators stuff on their cars so I always poop in their yard but they also have nice dewy grass to cool my belly and my jets (just not where I did #2).

The ma ape thought maybe we would enjoy a little pool time.

But I preferred to use it as a giant dog dish.

And my ma ape has been so busy she forgets to feed us (not really. We NEVER let her forget). Here I am after helpfully pulling the snacks out of the grocery bag on the floor. I said "Gimme a hand ma ape. Open this package and I'll feed myself." My ma ape did not find my efforts as helpful as I did. She said I had chutzpah showing her my pilfered goods.

Do you guys remember big ole Hercules from the SPCA? He had heartworm and was one skinny lab mix.

Well, he's feeling a lot better. Especially since he has TOYS.

My ape has been going all gushy over him which brought out my jelly. Until my friend Narra sent me something that I think is an excellent idea.

Mini-sulkies! (My ma ape says when I am on a die-t I am a mini sulky.)

I could have the Herc pull me around, especially on those hot days, and I'd never have to worry about keeping up with the peppy sheppys! Mush Mush!

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